Commission Machine Review & Case Study

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In a Nutshell - If your in the Internet Marketing niche this product is aimed directly at YOU.

I am, and decided it's worth the effort of testing.

Yes, I've bought Commission Machine and the 'Gold Ticket' up-sell in order to test out the strategy and the 'done for you' component of this product.​

Whilst researching the product what caught my eye was the success screen shot's posted in the products Facebook group...

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  • Success 2
  • Success 3
  • Success 5
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Also like that Michael Cheney (product author) is available for support, and responds consistently.

So What Is A Commission Machine?

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A commission machine is Michael's antidote to the falling open rates, click through rates and ultimately profits affecting his business.

By changing his approach he's been able to ​create promotions that people enjoy receiving and therefore substantially increase his sales.

It's focused around Michael's RAPID Strategy...

Research. How to find proven quality products to promote.

Angle. The various marketing angles you can use to frame your messages.


Incentive. Michael surveyed his over 200k of subscribers to find out what motivated them to buy. These are the incentives that yield the best results. 

Deploy​ .  This method can be delivered by email, Facebook, and Twitter. Michael and his students have had great success using a 100% free approach with Facebook.

This Facebook approach is a simple yet inventive way of getting your message across without appearing spammy... super clever and newbie friendly.​

Obviously if your a list builder this strategy is perfect for you.

So is a Commission Machine simply a sequence of uniquely constructed marketing messages?

​Yes, with ONE Vital additional element... the use of  RELEVANT  top quality bonuses to incentivise people to buy the product.

Bonuses increase sales.

A big part of the training covers how you can easily create incentives that have real value and motivate people.​

My Commission Machine Bonus

This product has completely changed my perspective on how I should be doing affiliate marketing. 

Though the remainder of this review will be less biased I felt that this was the right point to cover this.

I feel Michael's training is some of the most succinct marketing training ​I've seen, and am going to implement it ASAP!

Therefore if you're interested in this product I'm going to offer TWO bonuses?

Firstly a pre-purchase bonus that will provide you with some great info on Michael Cheney to help you decide if he's somebody worth listening to.


​Case study information sharing how I implement and the results from using this strategy...

Commission Machine Product Breakdown

The Commission Machine core product is training delivered in a series of 7 step by step video's teaching the 6 steps of Michael's RAPID approach plus the 7 video is the Facebook no list method.

The video production is very high quality, the content delivered in a fun fast paced style. About 4 hours and you'll be ready to start implementing.​

The first up-sell is the "Golden Ticket" which is a monthly $27 membership which gives you live webinar access to Michael as he creates a commission machine.

This gives you the opportunity to get Michael's input on your business.

Also with Commission Mission Golden Ticket​ you get to download the entire commission mission done for you. This includes the messages, angles, and most importantly the bonus / incentives offered and all the graphics.

I've purchased this up-sell and will be reporting back on how this works for me.

If you want to keep track of my results you can subscribe here...​

There is a $17 down-sell to this offer which excludes the webinar but gives you the replay and the finished commission machine which you can cut, paste and deploy immediately.​

Final up-sell is a "Done For You" series of 7 evergreen commission machines at $97 one time.

These includes everything you need ready to deploy, messages, ​angles, bonus / incentives and all the graphics ready to use.

Commission Machine Bonuses

This is the first product I'd bought from Michael, and having gone through his training I knew he advocates adding great quality bonuses that complement the product.

So what did I find with these bonuses?

In my opinion Michael has really over delivered (his objective, and advice when using bonuses).

As an example commission machine teaches one "no list" Facebook traffic method... which is really clever by the way.


Wouldn't it be cool if Michael showed us other free traffic techniques?

Que bonus ​3. Michael's best selling traffic course... for free!

Perfect bonus example 21 techniques to get free traffic to your 'messages'. ​

Another example of a bonus that ads genuine value...

Here's a short extract from bonus #2 "Uncensored Affiliate Secrets"​ which is pdf guide on the two types of affiliate marketers (hard working low earning and smart working high earning) ....

Extract from bonus 2

Commission Machine Bonus 1
Bonus 2 Michael Cheney's Uncensored Affiliate Secrets
21 ways to get lot's of Traffic - Bonus 3
Lucrative list secrets
Bonus 6 - My Commission Machine Bonus

My Commission Machine Case Study...

No clever copy writing here...

Simply how I implement Commission Machine and the results I get, so you​ can compare notes with your own efforts...

Click the image below to hear Michael explain his
NEW 9-Minute Money Method

Commission Machine sales video screen capture



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest... If you have any questions I'm always happy to help :)

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