Market selection the Lazy Ass Stoner way

Picking A Profitable Niche The Lazy Ass Stoner Way…

Market or niche criteria…

Watch Jay Wessman aka the Lazy Ass Stoner share his niche selection technique.


NOTE: May 2016.  If you follow the link in the above video to url and sign up for Jay’s free training. His autoresponder set up seems to be broken at the moment.

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2 responses to “Picking A Profitable Niche The Lazy Ass Stoner Way…”

  1. Hey

    i expected you were lazy-ass enough to set up auto responders to your site invites.. but i signed up to the newbie training, clicked on the link in the email i received as instructed – which then said i should go to my email again for my first training video. cool!
    But nothing was there, And after several refreshes and lots of time …still Nothing..
    Im thinking you cant be That lazy-ass to still be getting round to it. but What Happened??

    1. Hi Mel, I presume you’ve followed the link in the video to

      This is not my site and out of my control, I too have tried signing up but so far with no response.

      I know Jay has taken his product off sale as he is apparently updating it. Why he would disconnect his email marketing though is beyond me.

      Sorry for your frustrations.

      Thanks for letting me know I ‘ll put a message below the video.

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