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I love Vicks Four Percent Challenge.

Copying Vicks setup doesn't come cheap tho.

Vick's best of breed combo should be copied if you have the budget.

But if you don't?

Here's what I did...

Vick's training is all about setting you and your business apart from the competition.

It's about VALUE LED MARKETING ...helping people before asking for anything in return.

This is the way the big hitters do it.

But it requires us would-be entrepreneurs invest in our business.

We need a lead capture system to build us a list of people interested in our thing (whatever it is you offer).

You know the line...

'The money is in the list'.

Building and NURTURING a list of prospects is key to what Vick teaches.

It's also critical for the modern day Entrepreneur to have a 'home on the net' as Vick says ... a website where we can invite people to offer them further education, inspiration, entertainment and solutions to their problems.

These are two valuable assets we are building from the get-go. 

It's also vital that as we go about building our businesses we monitor the activities that work for us and those that don't.

A tracking solution will help us do more of the good stuff and less of the bad (non productive).

Let's dive a little deeper and explore the things we need...

What's Needed To Implement
 Vicks Four Percent Challenge Training

Web Hosting Services (from about $5 /mo) session #7 of the Four Percent Challenge onwards
Main business website / blog

Domain names (approx $15 each)
Tracking software domain name needed for creating unique tracking links with Clickmagick (optional but recommended) - session #7 onwards
Main business website / blog name Your home on the web - session #14 onwards

Funnel Building Software (Clickfunnels from $97 /mo) for building Landing Pages & Lead Capture
Clickfunnels needed for creating your own unique lead capture pages with split-testing and pro-level tracking - session 7 onwards.
NOTE:This is a great solution fast and easy to use. Once your business can afford it I'd jump at it for its efficiency. But similar can be achieved at a fraction of the cost.

E-Stage ($49 /mo or $495 one time) A Premium WordPress Theme for creating your home on the Internet session # 14

Tracking Software (ClickMagick $15 /mo) tracking what's working in your marketing is critical.

Email Service Provider (approx $19 /mo) for managing your email subscribers and organising your email follow up session #10

There are many email service provider options. Vick recommends GetResponse because...

  • It's affiliate friendly (many are not!)
  • Allows one step opt-in process (less process for people to go through meaning more subscribers and less work)
  • Offers email automation - improves conversions (by letting you divide your list and send people stuff based on what they've indicated interests them).

If you're adding this lot up you've got about $15 in one off yearly costs and $185.00 in monthly recurring.

So the PROBLEM for many is running out of budget before they can get their business running profitably.

I hope I can help by suggesting some cost cutting ideas that may ease the burden...

Let's Cut Some Cost...

Things you MUST have...

  1. Your own unique WEBSITE which means hosting and domain name charges.
  2. A system for capturing email subscribers via a Lead Generation System and integrated Email Service Provider.
  3. A Tracking Solution to show what's working and what's not working.

Lowest cost solution we tested...

The only cost in the solution below is your monthly Email Service Provider. Vick recommends Getresponse because they are well priced and affiliate friendly.

This setup requires no domain name or hosting. It uses a free WordPress solution that you don't own.

But it can get you started.

We haven't tested using Clickmagick tracking on this site but it should work fine.

If you want to keep cost to a minimum I would use a free link shortening and basic tracking service such as instead of Clickmagick to keep costs rock bottom until you see progress.

The good news is this setup is $15/mo and you're in business...

My wife Susanne has built a free wordpress website (no hosting or domain name charges) with email capture.

Not that pretty but it works fine ... 

If you clicked through you'll notice Susanne doesn't use a minimal landing page (squeeze page). Susanne has opted for a landing page that shares her story and hopefully ads value for visitors before offering them a chance to exchange their email address for more information.

This type of landing page tends not to get as high an optin rate as the typical squeeze, but does tend to attract more engaged subscribers.

If you want to replicate this click here to join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member (stay free as long as you like and get 2 free WordPress websites).

What's great about Wealthy Affiliate is you get free video training and when you're ready to invest in your own domain name and hosting services you can move your free site and content in just a couple of clicks.

Susanne is using the GetResponse email service which is what Vick recommends.

As Vick say's an entrepreneur has to adapt, this solution let's you start building your biggest asset (email list) while testing how effective your marketing messages are at a very low entry point.

My Preferred Solution...

So Vick recommends using WordPress combined with his specially designed premium Theme (the attractive cover for the site that looks real cool and professional) E-stage.

The type of homepage Vick uses is known as a 'Hero Image' homepage because it's all about 'the person behind the brand'...

Vicks home blog based on E-stage Theme

It looks fantastic.

It's easy to do this if you have a great photo of yourself.

And If you already have a WordPress website  (as I have) you can easily do this without buying E-stage or changing your WordPress Theme if you don't want to.

The biggest cost savings from Vicks recommended setup  are had through passing on E-stage and Clickfunnels until you can afford them.

The reason Vick insists on a sales funnel builder like market leader Clickfunnels is because it's the best funnel builder available and it's perfect for Vicks business.

But it's designed for building complete sales funnels with front end offers, upsells, downsells, webinars, quizzes ...the whole nine yards.

Clickfunnels is awesome.

But it's $97 or $297/mo.

I only need to build lead capture funnels... I'd be using a fraction of Clickfunnels capability.

The reason funnels are so great is that they allow marketers to isolate and test every element of a marketing process in a way you simply can't do with all the distractions of a website.

Surely there must be a way you can replicate a funnel ?

There is...

What I do is  use my WordPress website to build lead capture funnels.

If you have a WordPress site and are happy with your Theme you can use what I use to get everything you need...

  • Pre-designed templates to save you time.
  • Easy to isolate your landing pages from your main website for accurate testing.
  • Fast easy a/b split testing of multiple landing pages to improve conversions.
  • The best WordPress page builder on the market so you can easily create ANY page design.
  • Provided with full free video training to ensure your success.

for $127 one time fee!

Saving over $140 /mo.

Money that you can put toward your advertising budget?

Here's the solution...

Thrive Optimize which will give you everything you need to create multiple landing pages and split test them. Thrive Optimize will cost you $127 one time.

If you already own Thrive Architect (the pagebuilder Plugin) then Optimize is $67 one time!

Check out Thrive Optimize here...

Like Clickfunnels Thrive also offer hundreds of premade template sets that will save you time and look fantastic.

Below is a video to show how easy this is...

And what about that beautiful Hero Homepage we saw earlier...

Here's how to build it using Thrive...

How easy is that?

With Thrive you can make all your content look amazing.

Personally I've used Thrive Themes and plugins for over two years. They offer a membership option which gives access to all their conversion focused suit of products...

Great value at $19 /mo.

Click here to  check out  Thrive Themes Membership.

This replaces E-stage AND Clickfunnels...

Saving me $127/mo 🙂

Also check out Thrive V's Clickfunnels post here ...or

Thrive V's Leadpages here...

Thrive membership gives access to all Thrives Themes and Plugins. However if you're happy with your Theme and just want to get Thrive Optimize the Plugin that replaces the need for E-stage and Clickfunnels (includes split testing) you can get this here...

I hope this proves helpful and encourages you implement Vicks Four Percent Challenge training but at an affordably cost.

Any questions?

Please fire away in the comments below...



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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