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This post showcases Dylan's journey from failure to nailing down a consistent system for earning monthly affiliate commissions from the Amazon Associates Program.

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This content is entirely actionable. Meaning use the idea's here freely.

Want to follow in Dylans footsteps'll be able to (without the failures hopefully).

Let's meet Dylan...

Dylan joined Wealthy Affiliate Aug 2015 and studied the Entreprenuer Certification Program that teaches people how to build successful niche websites.

Dylan worked his butt off first year and made zip! 

Did I mention this business isn't easy it takes time...

Dylan didn't give up...

Dylans WA Profile image

He discovered a content format that he 'clicked' with (big TIP more on this leter...)

Worked like gangbusters ...started making money ...finally on his way πŸ™‚

Google thought different.

Nothing personal against Dylan just a standard Google algorithm update that hit his 'special' content formatting.

Back to square one!

Dylan didn't quit though...

In fact Dylan worked to Googlealize (made up word) his content system.

And it worked!

Recent Results...

Dylan's latest website made $4,500 in Amazon commissions in it's 7th Month. 

This is not the accumulated earnings for 7 months this is just for the 7th month.

For anyone with experience you'll know what an achievement that is with a new website!

Dylan shares his findings with the WA community (cuz he's awesome).

In fact he's put together a free training program to compliment the WA training.

But can it work for others?

The screen grab from the training comments suggest it does...

Proof that others can succed with this information

Mark (Tommo1968) has got his site earning $200 per month following Dylans approach with $500 /mo as the next target.

Would you like to build a business like this?

Would an extra part-time income come in handy?

Could you see yourself doing this?

Here's how you can check this out for free...

Free Amazon Associates Affiliate Training

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A few words from Dylan...

"I'm creating this guide to help anyone frustrated and not seeing any results.


If you're one of these people I have very good news for you. It's way way WAY easier than you think. My strategy is basically free and takes about 6 months to see results.


In this training I'm going to show you everything I've learned in the last 2 and a half years all the way from niche selection, to keyword research, to writing your content, to optimizing your content and additional tips and resources to guarantee the best rankings possible.


You should have all the tools you need after reading through this training to build six figure website in less than 18 months and you may get there in less than a year".

Dylans WA Profile image

A Few Things You Should Know...

Dylan's training is designed for people that have been through the WA premium training.

If you have some experience of keyword research and content creation you'll probably be OK.

If not you can get free WA membership and the free training that covers the basics.

This combined with Dylans training should give you a good feel for what this business requires...

If you like it I'd budget for...

  • WA Premium Membership $19 first month $49 /mo thereafter (on a budget? - 'cram' the premium training. You'll probably get what you need with 3 months of premium)
  • Buy your own Domain name ($15-20 /year)
  • Hosting for your website (approx $5 /mo)

That's it!

All you need to build a legitimate evergreen business online.

A business that will grow as your skills and experience grows...

No, I didn't say easy

Or fast

Or without hard word...

Dylan didn't earn zip in his first year.

Dylan didn't start earning until he discovered what he's sharing here...

To be clear if you want to follow in Dylans footprints...

  1. CLICK HERE to grab your free WA membership or to login if you're already a member.
  2. Read Dylans free training.
  3. Do the free WA training and if you want to 'test' the process build a free website.
  4. Decide if you NEED this system to work for you (remember it'll take consistent work).
  5. Invest in WA Premium training (Online Entrepreneur Certification).
  6. Reread and APPLY Dylan's training on top of what you've learned from the WA training.
  7. ASK QUESTIONS. Don't be shy. Dylan, Tommo1968, myself, and the whole WA community will gladly answer and help you πŸ™‚

I mentioned Case Studies...

I also mention Dylan discovered a content format that he 'clicked' with...

This changed the game for Dylan

and Mark Thompson (Tommo1968).

So what content format can make so much difference?

Drum role...

List Posts...

List posts with the year in the title (but don't put the year in the url)

A picture paints a thousand words (clicking the image will take you to the post)...

Example of a best of list post with the year in the title but NOT the URL


So there you have it...

A perfect example of a best of list post with the year in the title but not the URL (so you can update them).

Extra Tip: Dylan sometimes but not always also promotes these posts on YouTube for extra free visitors...

This content type turned Dylans business around.

Interested in doing this yourself?

Dylan also sharred the research he did on these type of websites...

The estimated earnings are mindblowing...

Read Dylans research post here...

So to Mark aka Tommo1968...

Mark has followed Dylan's advice and started writing best of list posts with the year in the title.

His results are progressing nicely πŸ™‚

The image below is a list post example from Mark (Click the image to take you to Marks site)

Mark is also following Dylans training on writing best of  articles

One additional idea I like from Mark is that he doesn't only link to Amazon. He's also found higher-end suppliers that have affiliate programs that give him improved diversity (with less competition too i'll wager).

Mark also monetises using Google Adsense on his site.

Multiple streams of income.

Yeah baby πŸ™‚

So there you have it.

Creating best of list post content with the year in the title WILL attract search engine traffic (done following WA / Dylans approach).

Link the products mentioned to Amazon or other affiliate options and a percentage of your free vistors will follow the links, buy stuff and earn you money.


This is working for others too...

Comments thread screen shot showing how this approach is working for them too


Clicking here or the image above will take you to Dylans Free Amazon Associates Affiliate Training post were you can scroll to the bottom of the page and explore the comments thread.


I hope this article has wetted your apetite?

Inspired you?

Given you some ideas you can use?

Would you like to do this too?

If you want to set up this type of business it's very low cost, very low risk, but does require consistent work...

But the potential?...

Did you read Dylans earning examples from his review on websites using this approach...

So if this is for you here's what I'd suggest...

If you're already a WA member Free or Premium login and read Dylans training here...

If your not a member of Wealthy Affiliate...

  1. Start here by reading Dylan free Amazon training
  2. You'll be prompted automatically to join WA as a free member. Do it.
  3. Follow the WA free video training and you'll learn how to build a profitable business online.
  4. Decide if you really want to do this as it will require some investment and work (you'll need a small budget for domain name, hosting and WA training for a few months)
  5. Upgrade to WA premium (when you're ready - there's no hurry or expiry of free membership) do the Online Entrepreneur Certification training.
  6. Reread Dylan's free Amazon Associate Affiliate training to clarify your ideas.
  7. Do it.

Expect  it to take 6 months for the results to flow.

You can do this

Enjoy your journey...

Start here...

If you have questions please fire away in the comments below...



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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