What Is
An ULTIMATE Affiliate Program?

And Why Should You Care...

Is there an affiliate program that EVERYONE could promote PROFITABLY?

A foolproof system...

An evergreen affiliate profit funnel.

Here's what mine would look like.

The Best Affiliate Program In The World...

  1. The product or service must WORK (be PROVEN to get users a specific result). Everything is built on having happy customers. # Happy Customers
  2. Be evergreen, timeless, relevant for the foreseeable future. No need to keep looking for more things to promote. Clarity. Security.
  3. Legit. No nasty surprises. Never have to start from scratch ...again.
  4. Enable affiliates to have hard coded referrals rather than cookied. Meaning LIFETIME affiliate commissions (potentially). #Life Changing
  5. Pay affiliate commission on ALL company products, frontend, backend and any continuity programs. Meaning advertising will become PROFITABLE. #Scalable. 
  6. Allows affiliates to insert their affiliate links into any recommended 3rd party products or services to build multiple streams of income from different companies. #Don't Depend On ONE
  7. Be free for affiliates to join. Meaning not insisting on affiliates owning or using the product or service. You don't ask you don't get 🙂
  8. Be lead by a charismatic 'leader' with a recognised 'cause'. People love a cause, find people interested in the cause and your affiliate commissions will take-off. # Good times
  9. Do all the follow up marketing to your referrals for as long as they remain interested in the topic. Powering your lifetime commissions and freeing you to do the one thing needed to make this work ...finding the people that need the product. #Lifetime Follow Up

If one existed what percentage of promoting affiliates would PROFIT?

An Ultimate Affiliate Program

Hits ALL the above...

In my dreams!

I haven't found one that hits all the points above.

But if your willing to own the program you promote things change...

For the better.

Because I believe these programs offer affiliates life changing potential...


They can drive targeted traffic to these programs leaders to convert into affiliate commissions.



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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