An Ultimate Affiliate Program?

Meaning Will It Be PROFITABLE To Promote...

Heal is a new repositioned 'viral' Ecosystem of training, physical products, and business opportunity all wrapped up in beautiful slick marketing vehicle...

But is it an Ultimate Affiliate Program?

A foolproof affiliate opportunity?

Here's the criteria I'll measure against...

  1. The product or service must WORK (be PROVEN to get users a specific result). Because while users get the result they want they'll stick, meaning an affiliate building block for financial freedom.
  2. Be evergreen, timeless, relevant for the foreseeable future. No need to keep looking for more things to promote. Clarity. Security.
  3. Legit. No nasty surprises. Never have to start from scratch ...again.
  4. Enable affiliates to have hard coded referrals rather than cookied. Meaning LIFETIME affiliate commissions (potentially). #Life Changing
  5. Pay affiliate commission on ALL company products, frontend, backend and any continuity programs. Meaning advertising will become PROFITABLE. #Scalable. 
  6. Be free for affiliates to join. Meaning not insisting on affiliates owning or using the product or service. You don't ask you don't get 🙂
  7. Be lead by a charismatic 'leader' with a recognised 'cause'. People love a cause, find people interested in the cause and your affiliate commissions will take-off. # Good times

1. Proven To Work: Heal offers physical products (supplements, and apparel so far) as well as training programs, and a business opportunity. 

I'm not qualified to talk about the physical products, but do own the training and am a participating affiliate for the company. 

The training products are solid and the affiliate program ...interesting.

In a nutshell. This program is about to go viral (if it isn't already) and represents a great opportunity for affiliates (yes, proven to work so far). It offers a multi level, leveraged plan which will suit team builders and network marketers.

I'll cover the payplan in more detail below, but the headline is that due to the time stamped 10 level Power Line most affiliates are seeing commissions within hours of joining and paying their VIP fee. 

Warning: Having a multi-level payplan, and with the rapid growth this company is likely to attract a lot of attention good and bad so please do your own due diligence...

So yes, this program delivers on the promise of affiliates earning fast commissions.

You can join for Heal free here (affiliate link) and check things out from the inside.

2. Evergreen, timeless, robust: Offering a range of retail products and services combined with digital training and a tiered affiliate commission plan means that Heal should have the diversity to dispel any charge of being an illegal pyramid model. But this is only my personal opinion you should do your own due diligence.

NOTE: I would never suggest EVER relying on any ONE company. But I would consider promoting Heal in a portfolio of proven companies.

Yes, Heal looks robust and capable of lasting the test of time.

3. Legit: I'm no lawyer so my opinion is only that. I believe Heal is legit because it's well established retail business means that it's not just about selling the business opportunity.

4. Hard coded lifetime referrals: Yes. You can check out the payplan here and heal faq here.

5. Pay affiliate commissions on all company products: Sorta?. This payplan shows 7 ways to earn money including low to high value commissions and recurring monthly continuity offers.

To be an affiliate you have to pay $49 monthly and it's called VIP membership. Pay this and you get 33% commission on all VIP's you refer.

You also get 10% on all product sales made to your Power Line. This means 1% of any sale (if you own the product too) made to the 10 people (it goes 10 levels deep) that time stamped after you.

This is why you see people showing commissions even though they haven't referred anyone!

Like this...

This shows how you can earn money off people you haven't even referred!

This is my back office and shows no personal referrals but earnings of $12.40.

You might also see this...

This shows passing up affiliate commissions because I didn't own the product

The red thumbs downs in the middle show commissions I've passed up by not owning the products.

Smart marketing, or manipulation? you decide.

This pay plan will reward affiliates handsomely that can afford to position themselves (buy the products) and take action marketing this program.

But please note I've paid a few hundred bucks to earn $12.40! ​

6. Be free for affiliates to join. This program requires affiliates pay $49/mo and own the products (be positioned) in order to maximise earning potential. Be warned.

No. This program is not free.

7. Be lead by a charismatic leader with winning cause: Absolutely. Love Stephen Munson or hate him you cannot deny his personality.

As Russell Brunson describes in his excellent book Expert Secrets, to have a mega successful company it really helps if it's led by a polarising (people love you or hate you ...never boring) leader, with a cause that people will get behind to form a movement that attracts others.

Heals Stephen Munson and his mission to Heal the world (physically, mentally, spiritually and financially) has it all. 

This will be huge (IMO).


Though it falls short of being 'Ultimate' level because you have to pay to be an affiliate and own the products to earn commission it's still worthy of consideration for...

  • Team Builders, Network Marketers, MLMers
  • Affiliate marketers looking for a leveraged model and lifetime commission (if they pay)
  • People that get Stephens cause (it's mighty compelling)

But I feel this program will be profitable to promote for those that have some marketing skills, and those that take action on the training that's included in the program.

This blog is primarily about building a solid affiliate business by promoting a portfolio of Ultimate affiliate programs (or programs that come close) this program gets a worthy of consideration rating by me. Though please do your due diligence.



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