The Results Are In! – Four Percent Success Challenge Webinar Funnel

The Results Are In!

 Four Percent Success Challenge Webinar Funnel…

If your planning to spend money on advertising an affiliate offer you’ll want to know the numbers…

These are from the Four Percent Success Challenge webinar funnel.

As released by Vick Strizheus during a recent promotional partners meeting.

Apologies for my terrible screen grab pic lol.

But the partially obscured bottom number is $457 the average customer value for the first 24 hours.

So this is all about the ‘frontend’ sales.

It doesn’t reflect the follow up marketing that’s in place.

It doesn’t reflect the Multiple Streams of Income Vick’s program also pays affiliates on.

And it doesn’t reflect the backend sales of other Four Percent Group products.

So the question becomes can you profit promoting this webinar?

And the answer with these numbers is yes…

Provided you send the right traffic…

IMO either people that want to learn affiliate marketing the right way. Not the fast & easy crowd.


Experienced affiliates that understand the value of promoting a program that offers lifetime referrals and shares commissions across the whole value ladder of products and services sold.


Sign up for the webinar and study the whole experience…

The optin, the Webinar, and the follow up messaging…


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