​A Better Way To Crushing
Your Goals

Crushing Your Goals - Key Points

1. Goal Orientated V Process Orientated 

Most of us are motivated by the benefits behind the goals, but this motivation erodes over time as 'life' gets in the way...

The benefit gets outweighed by the time, and work required; making the goal seem too distant. 

The good news...

We're already process orientated but rarely do we combine our goals with a pleasurable process to attaining them.

We need to integrate our goals where possible with a process we're already happy to do.

2. For business goals Shane tells us we need a mindset shift, that gets us to see optimising and improving our business processes as a game.

Gamifying our business process is a great idea provided we understand the game we want to play...

Meaning that there's a danger that we get pulled into business games we don't want to play!

3. To become a strong 'finisher' somebody who sets a goal and does the long term work required to hit it we have to ask ourselves two key questions...

  • What game are we playing?
  • Is this a game I want to play and improve upon?

If we can align our business processes with stuff we enjoy doing and can get better at...

We'll do it...

And hitting goals won't seem like work.

How I'm Going To Implement This

I promote what I call Ultimate affiliate programs because they work (get a RESULT) for a high percentage of people, and build me multiple streams of income that make my business more robust because I'm never dependant on any one company product or service.

What's more they do the follow-up marketing to the people I introduce which not only provides the potential for long term affiliate income but frees me to do the KEY PROCESS  needed for success...

FINDING people looking for the RESULT and SHOWING them where they can get it .

To follow Shanes advice I need to map my key process and 'gamify' it to make it more fun for me....

It's true my business contains elements I'm always willing to do, and stuff that sucks the energy out of me.

I need to dig deeper into this and build a process I can have fun following, measure and improve over time.

My previous case study shows...

I have a profitable 'ultimate' product to promote.

I have a process that works to create profit.

Some aspects were also 'fun'...

But some sucked! (email marketing to be specific) 

I'll work on this and link to my corrected gamified 'Ultimate' Business Process when I get it.

Will you work to gamify your business process?

Please let me know in the comments 🙂



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