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Multiple Streams of AFFILIATE Income

YOUR Affiliate Edge?

So this article refers specifically to the Four Percent Group and the Four Percent Success Challenge.

Four Percent Group is the holding company / the online portal for entrepreneurs.

The Four Percent Success Challenge is the premium affiliate marketing training program released by the Four Percent Group.

Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) is a resources page of recommended solutions published on the Four Percent Group corporate website.

As a training company of increasing regard being a recommended resource is quite the endorsement as many of the Four Percent Group students buy recommended resources through this MSI page.

As a reward for Four Percent Group Affiliates that have ALSO purchased and completed up to session 4 of the Four Percent Success Challenge they are given the opportunity to add their own personal affiliate links to the recommended resources on the MSI page (based on the affiliates agreeing affiliate terms with these 3rd party companies, and nothing to do with Four Percent Group).

For me as an qualifying affiliate (owner of the Four Percent Success Challenge) I have inserted my own affiliate links into this page so that anybody that I have referred that goes on to buy through this page earns me the affiliate commission. Which is paid directly to me from the 3rd parties affiliate program.

Most of these companies run free affiliate programs so there is no cost associated to this perk.

At the time of writing there are two exceptions Leadpages and ActiveCampaign. Both of which only accept affiliates that use their services.

My advice would be to simply ignore these companies, unless you want to use their service.

As it happens I already used ActiveCampaign so could add my affiliate details, but I ignored Leadpages.

You can check out my case study if you want to see if this earns me money...

So How Do Four Percent Group MSI's Work?

Accessed from the Partner Center tap in the left hand Nav bar in the Four Percent Back Office...

The MSI Ecosys is the bottom tab that opens from the drop down menu.

Click on this tab to open the MSI page...

Remember you have to be an approved affiliate that has completed beyond session 3 of The Four Percent Success Challenge to gain access.

To set up your MSI's

1. Work your way down the list clicking the links to each companies affiliate page. Go through each companies affiliate sign up process. Some will instantly approve others may review your application and reply via email.

2. At the time of writing only 2 require affiliates to be paid members of their services (ActiveCampaign and Leadpages). I would suggest just skipping these.

3. Once you have your unique affiliate link from each you can click on the appropriate field to be able to paste your affiliate links in place. REMEMBER TO SAVE!

Your done!

If you're wondering how effective this feature is check out this case study post I published...

If you want to check out the Four Percent Success Challenge directly click here...


Most of these MSI companies provide what I call 'sticky' services...

Services that earn companies more than they cost them, if they're using them properly.

They charge their customers on a monthly basis, and pay their affiliates (me) likewise.

Long story short I'm building an growing monthly recurring income from these MSI's for no extra work on my part.

Multiple Streams of Affiliate Income

Four Percent Group are the first company that I found to offer their affiliates this perk.

But I have since found others...

Not many but I think it's something we'll see more of.

I hope you see the value in this.

If you have questions or know of other companies that reward their affiliates like this please let me know in the comments below...

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