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What It Is &

Affiliate Ecosystem:  I​​​​f you're looking to affiliate marketing as a source of income you MUST understand the power of an affiliate ecosystem...

This is not a 'shiny object' this is the future...

What Is an Affiliate Ecosystem?

Here's how Google defines 'ecosystem'

Image and text definition of the word ecosystem

For our purposes a complex network or interconnected system...

To my mind an Affiliate Ecosystem is an interconnected system that serves a community of people and provides affiliates the opportunity for lifetime affiliate earnings from MULTIPLE companies...

It's vital the ecosystem creates a WIN for ALL situation.

  • A WIN for community members & customers
  • A WIN for the owners & operators
  • A WIN for the affiliate partners

Affiliate Ecosystem Example

In the teaching affiliate marketing niche this is the best affiliate ecosystem example I've found...

Four Percent Group 

The group serve the Entrepreneur community through their free member portal at

Where they host both free and premium content in the form of video based education, and formal training courses. is a 'website plus'...

The online 'hub' of the company hosting sales, training, blog content, affiliate center & soon to be community.

Affiliates pay close attention to the Multiple Streams of Income opportunity mentioned later.

The Four Percent Groups business objective is to become the foremost online resource for entrepreneurs. Serving them through their free to join hub where members access all content free and premium.

Four Percent Group make money when they serve their free entrepreneurial members so well they decide to purchase premium products and services.

Four Percent 'market' with view to attracting people back the their hub to always be building their Four Percent membership.

Currently the 'community' function is accommodated off-site using a thriving Facebook Group, though this will change with the soon to launch new hub. 

So let's consider the 'AFFILIATE' ecosystem (connected system)

There are a number of big benefits to promoting a whole ecosystem as an affiliate...

1. Because when you refer a member to Four Percent through any of the content (free or premium)  you open the door to potential affiliate commissions for as long as people stay members... # Lifetime Affiliate Commissions.

2. Because all the content within the ecosystem cross promotes each other in effect when you promote any one item (free or premium) from the ecosystem you are able to earn affiliate commissions from any of the premium products. #Promote One Promote All

3. All the training content recommended 3rd party products and services are linked to from an ecosystem resources page (Multiple Streams of Income page) which allows qualifying affiliates to insert their affiliate links and so potentially earn affiliate commissions from multiple companies. #Multiple Streams of Income

4. The ecosystem does all the follow up marketing to the members you introduce for as long as they remain which powers your 'lifetime' commissions and frees you for the only task needed to make this work...

Finding People Interested In The Topic!

The only task needed for success when promoting an ecosystem as described above is finding people interested in the topic it serves...

Entrepreneurs and would-be online business owners of all types (affiliate, network marketer, ecom, product vendor, service provider, consultant etc etc) in the Four Percent Group example...

A broad growing market. 

How To Grow Multiple Affiliate Income Streams Without Being An Expert Marketer By Leveraging an Affiliate Ecosystem...

If you'd like to see my free case study which shows you

1. The Affiliate Ecosystem I used

2. And how I found and helped people interested in the topic (the one thing required to make the business work)



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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