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 The Earn as you Learn Blueprint for success

The concept of EARN as you Learn requires you to learn something and then do it.

On the previous page I named 2 products I've earned as I've learned from...

The blueprint and plan I'm going to show you is from the 'The Four Percent Success Challenge'. 

What I've implemented so far is just a part of the Million Dollar Conversion Model that the Four Percent Success Challenge is training me to build.

It's basically what I've learned and implemented by about session 10 of the challenge. So it's a lite version if you like.

Early Days.

Here's what the Million Dollar Conversion Model looks like...

Earn as you learn by following the Million Dollar Conversion Model

A little daunting?

Let's break it down...

Starting on the right hand side of the model we have RESULT and YOU First.

The reason this model works so well for affiliates is that it teaches us how to HELP other people to get the RESULT they want.

The sale of a product  that promises that RESULT is merely a means to that end...

If you had two planks of wood and a nail, and wanted to nail the planks together (the desired RESULT) you'd need a hammer (the PRODUCT to deliver the result).

The Four Percent Challenge has taught me how to market RESULTS above products because it's way more effective.

You First

The light bulb image is to remind us to Build ourselves before we do anything else...

It's absolutely CRITICAL to create your own unique BRAND. Something that answers the questions 

Why are you here?

and Why should we care?

So to use myself as an example I'm here to demonstrate how you can earn as you learn affiliate marketing.

And you should care if you'd be interested in getting the result of earning money as you learn.

Next we have the engine room of the model. 4 key components 1. the OPT IN Page 2. Email LIST 3. PRE FRAME Funnel and 4. your HUB.

The Opt in page is where visitors first enter 'your world' this is where you start to 'build you' by offering people something that helps them move closer to THEIR GOAL in return for their Email address.

The Four Percent Challenge has taught me how to create a unique opt in page and offer so that I don't have to compete with other affiliates promoting the same product.

Reasons it's so important to have your own brand even as an affiliate

We want people to understand very quickly what were about, how are we going to help them move closed to their goals. 

Our business should DEMONSTRATE our personal values, our principals and ethics, if we want to build trust with our community.

Our business should never be reliant on any one company, product or service.

Companies, products and services come and go, there will be times when something we're promoting stops. These events will never be more than a blip if we build our business correctly.

You'll also find it easier to work with top tier advertisers and affiliate networks if we've set our business to be unique to us and operate by providing value first.

So our opt in page enables us to start building our own brand by offering our visitors something of value in return for their email address and subscription to our LIST.

Why Build An Email List?

A RESPONSIVE email list is an asset that we OWN.

Done correctly it's a reliable source of highly targeted visitors that know, like and trust us (if we've delivered value and shown that we have their best interests at heart).

So in my example this is s series of emails that will help people see how they can earn as they learn affiliate marketing (my unique value offer).

The challenge training has taught me how to create content that can 'sell without selling'. So rather than trying to sell people on anything I simply SHOW what I've learned and implemented and the RESULTS it's brought me, so that people can evaluate for themselves without any hype or pressure.

If your thinking...

But, I want to build a following on social media, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin etc...

Yes, you should absolutely build social followings on platforms you enjoy working with, just be aware that you don't own these followings, and though they may be great for your business today their terms could change tomorrow.

So the answer is to leverage social platforms where it suits you, but to always build the asset you 100% own...

Your email list.

How To HELP PEOPLE More and
Sell Without Selling?

I now help the people that have joined my email list by SHOWING them what's worked best for me...

This is what's labelled as a  'PRE FRAME' or 'FUNNEL'.

In my  model this is a sequence of information which shows the WHY,WHAT, and HOW of what's worked.

AND It provides PROOF that it's worked either for you or for others...

It doesn't use hype or trickery...

It's a demonstration of how you've achieved the desired RESULT.

You can deliver this content on whatever medium suits you best, email only or email linking to a platform that suits the content better...

In my case I've used email to deliver the link to this post which I believe is better suited to delivering all the text and images used.

I could have opted for email linking to a YouTube video, or email Linking to a Facebook post etc.

I hope this all makes sense?

If you have any questions please ask away in the comments below 🙂

This very post is part of a Pre Frame sequence that as a whole shows how I've learned and earned (the desired RESULT) by implementing what's taught in the Four Percent Success Challenge.

If I'm trying to 'sell' anything it's the idea that 'earning as you learn' is actually possible, which I prove by showing exactly how I've done it and the results I've got.

I go into detail about the why, what and how of it.

Which later in this sequence will show the tools and services I've used to do it better, faster, or for less cost.

All training, tools and services used are linked to using my affiliate links, but no other effort is made to promote them. People are free to chose if they want to evaluate them or not...

This is known as selling without selling.

I like to think of it as 'helping people profitably'.

What is a 'HUB' And
Do I Need One?

A 'HUB' in this model is another name for your website or blog.

In the Four Percent Success Challenge owning your own website is critical to the strategy...

Because it's another business asset you can own 100%. It's your home on the Internet, where you invite people back to get more of the cool stuff that you provide.

But do you need one?

I would say yes.

A domain name for your website will cost you around $15 /yr and hosting from around $4 /mo

It's crazy good value!

The way I've built my business (show you later in the sequence) my website also provides me the landing page and pre frame funnel functionality that many businesses pay separately for.

So what I'll show you later will definitely enable you to do things at LESS COST...

In fact  I'll even show how you could start for free (will be a compromise on quality ...but doable).

Retargeting Pool?

I'll discuss Retargeting in more detail when I discuss attracting targeted visitors. So for now I'll keep it basic...

Retargeting refers to building 'custom' audiences of people that have visited your content (landing page, funnel content, hub content).

It's possible to build an audiences of people that have shown an interest in your information with view to showing them adverts later down the road to bring them back.

The concept is to never waste a visitor...

Meaning most people that see your content will leave it never to be seen again. Even if they loved it!

People are busy and easily distracted...

Retargeting or remarketing is an advertising solution for this problem.

Full disclosure: Though I have been building my retargeting pools as shown, I haven't ran any remarketing advertising campaigns yet.

So to date I cannot comment on it's effectiveness.

Attracting Targeted Visitors

Attracting targeted visitors is critical to any business.

At the start of my Four Percent Success Challenge I was taught to concentrate on level '1' traffic which is known as Fast Results Traffic.

There are 5 sources mentioned in the training and I've tested 2 ... Search Engine Pay Per Click and Solo Ad traffic.

The objective with this traffic is to quickly 'test' your messaging sequence to ensure all's working technically and that people resonate and engage.

There is no point in continuing to develop your business until you can validate that your 'idea' interests people and your messaging converts visitors into email subscribers, motivates people to click your affiliate links, and buy some of the training, tools and services that have helped you in your business.

The idea being that once you've tested and validated your ideas you have the basis for a million dollar business 🙂

From this point most of your work becomes that of mastering the other traffic methods so that you can help the maximum people ...profitably.


As you saw from my RESULTS this model works.

But can you EARN as you Learn it?

I believe you can, even if you've had no prior experience...

However it won't be easy!

I do think this model will be too challenging for a lot of beginners to affiliate marketing. 

The training sessions for the Four Percent Challenge open on a daily basis, which implies people should only spend a day implementing each step...

Don't try and implement these concepts in a day.

Take your time, enjoy the journey, really think about what your doing.

As Vick the founder states on many occasions this training represents 12 years of experience...

12 years!

So please don't cut corners or try and rush through the assignments if you decide to implement this model. 

I hope this helps and if you have questions please ask away in the comments below 🙂

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Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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