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​​​​Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

How YOU Can EARN As YOU Learn Affiliate Marketing...

Whilst Building A PROFITABLE Legit 'FOREVER' Business You Can Be PROUD Of...

Hi, my name is Richard Penfold, and if you're interested in EARNING as you LEARN how to build a sustainable income online this is for YOU!

There's nothing to pay, just evaluate this system for yourself and decided if it's of interest...

Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge


LEARN something that interests you, that's of value, and in HIGH DEMAND (for me Affiliate Marketing)

DO what you learn, ...implement it.

SHOW what you've learned and done, the RESULTS. Show WHAT & HOW you've done it...


Link to these with your AFFILIATE LINKS when appropriate.

SHARE this helpful content with people interested in the topic.

EARN because it's the LAW!  The law of reciprocity says that "If you give you must surely receive"...

I've chosen to LEARN Affiliate marketing because it offers people a proven business  model that when done properly can be extremely lucrative, and highly automated.

With no need for product creation, transaction processing, customer service, inventory, order fulfilment, staff or business premises it really is a business model that can be started quickly and on a shoestring budget.

This page that your reading now is a RESULT of what I've first LEARNED and then DONE.

I promise to SHOW you everything I've implemented so that you can SEE it, TOUCH it (metaphorically speaking), INTERACT with it, and ASK ME QUESTIONS about it free from all hype and pressure...

Basically EVALUATE it with no strings attached!

So that you can see if you'd like to EARN as you LEARN too?

So how well does this work?


What follows is a series of screenshots taken from some of my affiliate dashboards to SHOW you you the RESULTS I've been getting.

To put this into perspective, I have a job and work full time, and though I have some affiliate experience, I have never achieved anything like this before...

And this is just the start... 

These RESULTS are as a direct result of following a LEARN, DO, SHOW, SHARE, EARN model.

If this can work for me, it can also work for you too.

Because it does not require great skills or experience...

You've probably heard of the idea  'learn, do, TEACH'.

But effective teaching takes years of experience IMO.

It's something I'm aspiring to, but haven't yet earned the right to claim.

SHOWING and SHARING on the other hand is something we can all do, without much experience or need to be 'perfect'...

Most of us are already doing it on social media.

In fact having little experience is an ADVANTAGE because other's looking to learn will RELATE to you.

Your lack of expertise. 

Your lack of experience.

If you can do this with little or no skills and experience why can't they?

They can

YOU can 🙂

If you show why, what and how your doing something you'll naturally attract like minded people...

People interested in your topic, the goal or outcome your shooting for, or the pain to be avoided.

This natural attraction is the cornerstone of  a  'new' robust, legit, business .

Here's what this looks like...

How To EARN As You LEARN Affiliate Marketing

What To Do Next...

If you're interested in building a robust affiliate business The 'helps people profitably' I hope this content has proved helpful.

If you have questions please fire away in the comments below.

If you'd like to EARN as you LEARN affiliate marketing please click the big green button...

It'll give you the opportunity to join my FREE How To EARN As You Learn Case Study, where you'll discover...

  • How to pick the right STRATEGIC product to Earn as you LEARN from.
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  • How long until you can start earning?
  • Attract TARGETED VISITORS fast. Find out which source I use and if It'll be PROFITABLE straight off the bat?
  • How to build MULTIPLE streams of income from ONE 'sequence' of work.
  • Anything missing? please let me know what else you'd like to see in the comments below... 🙂

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