Those Bare Necessities...

Building dependable monthly affiliate income on a VERY part time basis doesn't require a lot of resource.  I use a system based approach I call ACE (attract, connect, earn)...

I ATTRACT people looking to earn from affiliate marketing by using Google and Microsoft Ads which once I've tested I can leave to run on automatically. 

I CONNECT them to a company proven to help them make money by using a simple website like this one, and pages like this.

I EARN as a consequence.

As part of the CONNECT process I often build an email list of people interested in learning more about this process which I manage using an Email Service Provider (Active Campaign). This enables me to automate a sequence of email messages that educate people on what works for me, and helps increase my affiliate conversions.

I'm testing other email idea's using GetResponse because I like trying new stuff,  but you only need one email service provider.

Here's a simple diagram...

Resources - My Affiliate System

I EARN by 'connecting' people looking to earn through Affiliate Marketing with companies that help them do it - make sense?

So I've tested many Affiliate Marketing Companies that promise this. You can see my top 3 here >>>

But currently what's working best for me is what I term my Ultimate Affiliate Offer which you can see here >>>

NOTE: All of these companies will provide the website/hub/funnel building technology that's required. Don't be put of by the tech though, these builders make it point n'click simple.