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Here's How I'm Getting Paid 
To Build My Email List

Update Monday 3rd July: Lots of changes to Cliqly (for the better). So I'm going to update the changes, leaving the old in place. So we can see the differences.

I'm writing this on Sunday 15th Jan 2023, and I'm going to share yesterdays results.

Sat 14th because in my experience of doing this (about 11 months) Saturdays have always been my worst performing days (people have better things to do with their weekends than open and click email links). 

My Cliqly business currently has 2 cost elements:-

  1. Cliqly Pro credits that allow me to send 130,000 emails per day at a cost of $10.36 - (based on the current best bulk buying deal) Update - the sending price in Cliqly Pro is down so my previous cost is down to $4.94 
  2.   NOW REMOVED - My Inbox Pro allowed me to send 100,000 emails per day at a fixed cost of $318 month / $10.45 per day.  As a bonus for using My Inbox Pro I was given 500,000 list building credits. UPDATE: I stopped using My Inbox Pro as it wasn't profitable for me - here's a post of my experience with My Inbox Pro.
  3. UPDATE: I would always now quote Cliqly List Building credits- But the costs change depending on strategy. Low list building is used when I want to maximize PROFIT from sending in Cliqly Pro. High list building is used when I want to sprint to a higher tier, or if I want to promote the Cliqly Email Business via the free trial to my Cliqly Openers.

So my total Cliqly daily cost is $20.81 - 

(Weekly Results Page here)

Yesterday's Results

The above shows I've added 846 records (openers that are added to my list).

Note:- openers get added automatically to My Inbox Pro.

So with total earnings of $30.60

Less costs of $20.81

Daily Profit $11.79 PLUS 846 New Subscribers - being PAID to build my list.

UPDATE July 2023: The introduction of better Coupon Code discounts (40%), Better Credit Package Deals (like this) has made building a Profitable email business in Cliqly easy.

Plus with a free trial option you don't have to take my word for it...



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