Traffic Traffic Traffic...

How To ATTRACT People That
Are Already Looking For Your Stuff...

So my online business is very simple...

It's success depends on me doing ONE thing...

Showing it to people that are looking for what you offer.

Showing it to EVERYBODY is not what I'm trying to do, because it wastes my time, their time, and isn't profitable!

I EARN by showing my stuff to people I KNOW are interested in Affiliate Marketing - the more I show the more I earn - right?

"My objective for this page is to share just ONE traffic source that I believe every affiliate can PROFIT from"

So How Do You Find People That You KNOW Are Interested In Your Stuff...

You let THEM tell you.


No click-bait, over hyped wording, it's not about tricking people to see your stuff.

It's about matching keyword phrases people are searching for with the advert and a landing page that delivers what people want ...congruent throughout the process.

The big advantage Affiliate Marketers have when attracting people using Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is that you only need to pay for people that are most likely to buy ...commercially viable keyword phrases (links to a great article explanation).

One of the most successful Affiliate Marketing business models is the comparison website (think Expedia, NerdWallet as just the tip of the iceberg). They help people compare products and services quickly, so they can go on to make informed purchases. Which earns the comparison site an affiliate commission (whichever solution the visitor selects!).

Pay Per Click Advertising
Is A Great Way To ATTRACT Very Targeted Visitors

Google Ads are the biggest player in search engine PPC advertising, but not the easiest network for affiliates to cut their teeth on because they are notoriously fickle, and can be very quick to cancel advertising accounts without notice.

Bing now Microsoft Ads are a much easier network to work with. The search volume is nowhere near as high as Google, but the quality is good, and I would suggest test your entire ATTRACT and CONNECT system with Microsoft visitors until PROFITABLE, and then consider adding Google Ads (though careful to comply with Googles quality standards).

A Brief Example...

In my mind I like to start by mapping out the entire visitor journey before doing anything.

I create an Avatar of whom I want to attract,  what's in it for them, and why they should care.

As one example I used the old me of a few years previous. Struggling affiliate marketer, overwhelmed with so called 'opportunity', and the actions I should be taking (according to multiple mentors and training programs). The me before I discovered what I call my 'Ultimate Affiliate Program' because it did two things for me - Gave me a system to follow, plus a high paying affiliate program that even I couldn't mess up.

So in this example I've already decided upon three key elements - 

1. Microsoft Ads - because I find them the easiest and fastest way to test out ideas.

2. The program I will earn from - Four Percent Group - the 'Ultimate' program in my experience.

3. My Avatar the person I want to 'attract' (the me of a few years past)

I still need a keyword to advertise / bid on and Advert messaging to test with my ideal visitor and the landing page I'm planning to take them to.

I've used the keyword "Affiliate Program" phrase match. Because it will attract people looking for information on affiliate programs. In my experience most of the visitors are typing in the name of specific affiliate programs.

So what worked for me was creating an Ad headline using my 'Ultimate' Affiliate Program idea because what affiliate isn't going to be interested to see what that means - right?

I then take these people to a landing page that explains what an Ultimate Affiliate Program means to me, show proof of my experience in promoting it and give them a way of evaluating it for themselves at no cost (linking with my Affiliate Link).

Because in this example my 'Ultimate' Affiliate Program has a free membership level a percentage of people join to check it out ...the company does the rest!

Note: Sometimes I use landing pages designed to collect email subscribers, so that I can email people further helpful information. But I like to start with the simplest system, with the fewest moving parts - right?

Attract the right people, and then connect them to companies proven to help (using your affiliate link) and you will see success - especially if you promote an Ultimate Affiliate Program - wink 🙂

This page talks more about the content I use to connect people >>

Also Testing Mass Email Traffic...

In theory this is a very fast way to build your email list (it is).

But can it be done profitably?

I've been testing a few sources.

Here are my experiences so far >>