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EARN As You Learn 

Affiliate Marketing...

Thank You 🙂

OK, let's not beat around the bush...

I believe the LEARN DO SHOW SHARE ...EARN model is the best foundation to build affiliate success from because...

It works whatever your experience level.

In fact I believe it's almost an advantage for beginners!

Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

Because it gives them a chance to relate to people with little experience and few skills.

It doesn't require you to demonstrate perfection, in fact making mistakes and showing your mistakes proves it's real. Things rarely work first time, most skills require practice to develop...

Showing all this is good.

When it comes to the Learn, Do , Show, Share, Earn system there is never going to be a shortage of 'new' training, tools & services SMART affiliates like you can Leverage to learn from and ....HELP PEOPLE PROFITABLY.

Pretty cool - right?

Getting paid to help?

No trying to sell, or push people towards stuff they don't need.

Simply learn, do, then show and share what's working for you, as I'm showing and sharing what's working for me.

Affiliate Programs To EARN As You LEARN From

You can become an affiliate in any topic that interests you enough to LEARN about it. But it should also be of value, and in high demand (so you can earn as you learn)

I call these learning or training programs 'transformational' because they take people on a journey of change. 

From A to B, zero to hero, $0 to your first $xxx, how to lose 10lb in 10 days ...etc etc.

They can be very narrow in scope, for example training people how to lose weight in time for their wedding day, or broader such as how to succeed in Affiliate Marketing which offers many different routes to success.

We'll dig deeper on this later but for now just know that there will be no shortage of programs you could learn and earn from.

There are 2 sides to earning as you learn.

The LEARN side and the EARN side. Both are important, but I advise you prioritise the LEARN...

It's absolutely critical that the program you choose to LEARN from does 4 things.

1. Aligns with your personal values and beliefs. You have to TRUST that your best interest is being taken care of, as will those of people you later refer.

2. The training should provide a PROVEN plan that you can verify has helped real people like you reach goals like yours. I would suggest its designed around a long term, evergreen business model.

Be wary of models known to attract the attention of governing bodies such as the FTC and SEC. 

Specifically be careful of the Multi Level / Network Marketing models. I'm not saying they're all bad but so many have been closed down recently, they have to be considered high risk.

3. Learning a new skill such as affiliate marketing isn't going to be plain sailing. It will require you to grow as a person. 

As you journey towards your success you need to know that you will have to battle both internal and external challenges. 

The internal will likely be the hardest...

Personally, I needed the training and supporting content of my mentor to provide me BOTH continuous INSPIRATION as well as MOTIVATION to take consistent action.

My journey included stop offs at worry, fear and anxiety.  The price I paid to 'grow' outside of my comfort zone.

These thoughts, feelings and emotions are most unpleasant but should be considered as PROOF that your on the right path.

Taking consistent action with the FAITH provided by following a proven plan and armed with the knowledge that you're going to face these fears should see you through...

4. However, you may need VALIDATION that you're doing it right . Finding a  program that provides validation will be harder but of great value.

Like a missile tracking system that corrects your course from time to time.

From an EARN perspective you ideally want...

1. A product that provides a free affiliate program. With a proven conversion rate so that as people follow what you're learning and doing some will want to join (earning you commission).

Prioritise the product quality above all else... 

Pick a product that YOU can promote PROFITALY and feel GREAT about.

2. As you first LEARN then DO, then SHOW your transformational journey and early RESULTS you will have the opportunity to SHOW the TRAINING, the TOOLS and the SERVICES that help you do things BETTER, FASTER, or for LESS COST...

Most probably all of these will have affiliate programs which you should LINK TO when appropriate.

This is how you can build MULTIPLE STREAMS of INCOME from ONE sequence of work. This has been a game changer for me.

So to recap you want to learn from a program that, has its customers best interest at heart, that provides a proven plan of action, that motivates and inspires you to take action, and that will validate that you're taking the right actions.

And earn from a free affiliate program, that you 'feel' great about promoting... 

Transformational Training Programs I Own Use & Recommend

Very brief backstory...

I've tried many affiliate business models starting with blogging and helping people with job related advice which was my background. This worked fine but I tried to 'speed things up' and lost my way...

Seduced by the easy options ...which never were easy.

Because I didn't take my offline, real world filters with me when I ventured into online business...

All seemed so easy, and so fast when compared to offline.

Basically I did lots of stupid shit I'd never do in the 'real' world 🙁

In the real world I set up a recruitment business because I was sick to death of the lazy, disrespectful ,money first, experience I had in dealing with recruiters.

I thought there was room for a 'better' way.

I ran this business successfully for 13 years based on a very simple principal my mum instilled in me growing up ...'to treat others as I would want to be treated myself'. 


I hold these values dear. 

It worked offline it'll work online ...though faster and with far less operating costs 🙂

Now when I look at what I do online I use these values as my filter...

So I'd like to introduce 2 programs that I believe have their customers best interests at heart. 

Both train people how to create VALUE LED affiliate businesses that help people before asking for anything in return...

I'll introduce them in the order that I discovered them...

Wealthy Affiliate: One of the longest running most respected training communities online. Offering an unlimited free membership and premium membership option for those that want more.

Review of Wealthy Affiliate here...

Wealthy Affiliate free membership sign up here...

Four Percent Success Challenge: The most ambitious training program I've encountered for affiliates. Designed to show people how to reach the top 4% in affiliate marketing based on achievement.

Review of the Four Percent Success Challenge here...

Four Percent Success Challenge Sales 'Funnel' here... (links to an email optin which opens a free training video that gives people a chance to assess the training)

Free Four Percent Training Library here... (requires your name and email to become a free member and access the free training library. No sales pitch)...

I don't mean to imply that your EARN as you LEARN success is dependant on joining one of these programs.

They are simply programs I've bought and found to meet my values, and work for me in terms of training, inspiration, motivation, validation and RESULTS.

I've provided 2 because I believe that finding a mentor that really inspires and motivates you to push beyond your comfort zone is critical. But this decision is likely to be made with your 'heart', or 'gut' rather than your head...

Go with your gut.

The Keys To Success...

I have sequenced the following email messages to be sent one per day to you...

Email 1: The PROVEN Plan / the blueprint for success. How to position yourself so your business is unique, independant, and profitable through multiple sources of income.

This is the foundation for a forever business that never depends on any ONE company product or service for success.

If you want to change your email address you subscribed with to a  more convenient one or if you haven't yet subscribed and would like to get these emails please click the button below.

Email 2:  You must know this! This is the most critical element without this the best blueprint and action plan is useless.

Please don't skip this one.

Email 3: How to build this on a budget.

There are many ways you can build this type of business. My business what your seeing and interacting with costs me $915 per year for (domain name, hosting, website, lead collection, email service and tracking)...

Under a $1,000 to run a real business...

Try doing that offline 🙂

But don't worry if you don't have this it is possible to start for a lot less.

Email 4: How Fast Until I Start Earning? Many people's most burning question. This email honestly outlines the journey steps required before you've 'earned' the right to earn. Faster than you may think but make sure you've followed the recipe...

Email 5: Attract TARGETED VISITORS Fast! Exciting times. Our first visitors... how can we do this, will it work profitably?

Email 6: What do you think? By now you've had the opportunity to evaluate the Learn Do Show Share Earn business model. If you have questions I'm here to help. Simply reply and ask away 🙂

Email 7: Answers to the questions. I'll build a growing resource of helpful information to answer questions which will be of value to all interested in this topic.

Email 8:  What's next?.  How to scale through adding traffic sources to grow the number of people we help profitably...

That's it for this sequence.

The training program I'm LEARNING from DOING and SHOWING & SHARING with you guys promises some incredible RESULTS. The learning and growing doesn't actually stop ...ever, but I wanted to SHOW (hopefully) that an effective show and share sequence isn't an overwhelming workload...

In fact it's 2 maybe 3 website posts/pages and a 7 email sequence. A simple solid foundation for what could be???

I plan on templating this content so that people can easily use it to fill in the blanks and quickly build their 
profitable Learn, do, show, share, earn businesses.

OK for now that's it.

If you have any questions please fire away in the comments below...

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