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Cliqly Growing Pains: Cliqly has grown dramatically over the last few months, which is causing what I’ve labelled ‘growing pains’. Hopefully nothing too serious, but as of right now I would advise people that are interested in checking out Cliqly, to take the free trial, but delay upgrading until these growing pains are resloved.

Cliqly – Weekly Results

See all my weekly results at the bottom of this my first Cliqly results post.

Update June 23 – when I first started recording weekly results ( 5th March below) I was testing My Inbox Pro and being part of the Cliqly Affiliate Advertising CoOp. I’ve since dropped both of these, as they did not prove profitable for me.

Simply building my list in Cliqly List Building then mailing the daily maximum in Cliqly Pro is consistently profitable when buying Cliqly credits at the lowest prices.

My result posts (linked below) prove this.

Sunday 26th Feb – Sunday 5th March (inclusive)


Total weekly earnings from Cliqly list building Clicks, Cliqly Pro Clicks, My Inbox Pro Clicks, and any affiliate commissions (zero) – Click earnings $186.40

My Cliqly Costs

My Inbox Pro  – $318 month / $73.18 week  – This service currently gives me 500,000 free list building credits per month, and allows me to send 100,000 emails per day to my list. I’m monetizing using the Cliqly 10c link.

Cliqly Coop  –  $197 month / $45.46 – This currently gives me 250,000 free list building credits per month and a chance to earn affiliate commissions.

Cliqly Pro Credits –  Tier 3 can send 130,000 email per day at $0.66 per 10,000 / $8.62 / day $60.32 week

My Cliqly Pro costs are based on buying credits at the highest discount plus adding the 30% off Coupon Code as shown below….

This gives me a Cliqly Pro sending cost of .66 per 10,000 sends and a per day sending cost of $8.62 because I can send a maximum of 130,000 per day as a Tier 3 – $60.32 week.

Total Cliqly Cost Per Week = $178.96

Deduct Cost from earnings ($186.40) = $7.44 PROFIT  (week).


I’ve added 2333 people to my list!

5 – 12th March Results – A BAD Week >> Poor performing IP’s

13 – 20th March Results – Better >> Results with My Inbox Pro and Affiliate CoOp

Week ending Sun 26th March >>  Cancelled My Inbox Pro – Great ‘Clickers’ results…

Week ending Sun 2nd April >>

Week ending Sunday 9th April >> Cliqly Free Trial Offer Started – GIVEN 5,000 Free Subs 🙂

Week ending Sunday 16th April >>

Week ending Sunday 23rd April >>

Week ending Sunday 30th April >>

Week ending Sunday 7th May >>  Much Better IP Performance – Thanks Bobby!

Week ending Sunday 14th May >> First 40% off Coupon – GREAT NEWS!

Week ending Sunday 21st May >> Decide to Sprint to Next Tier…

Week ending Sunday 28th May >>  What happens when you MAX out list building.

Week ending Sunday 4th June >>  Reached Tier 5 – UNDER 2 cents per opener!

Week ending Sunday 11th June >> Reaping the PROFITS – Clickers Still Down?

Week ending Sunday 18th June >> Messed up scheduling – lower profits

Week ending Sunday 25th June >> Dependable weekly income – Affiliate sales too

Week ending Sunday 2nd July >>  Consistent affiliate income prompts change of strategy…

Week ending Sunday 9th July >>  The great Cliqly CRASH!

Week ending Sunday 16th July >> Cliqly BACK – but what happened?

Week ending Sunday 23rd July >> Summer holiday blues 🙁

Week ending Sunday 30th July >> Lower profits. Post GetResponse suspension. List Building Challenge preparation.

Week ending Sunday 6th August >> 1st Week of the Cliqly List Building Challenge. I won a prize 🙂

Week ending Sunday 13th August >>

Week ending Sunday 20th August >> – Reached Tier 6 🙂 and my wife Susanne joined Cliqly.

Week ending Sunday 27th August >> – Got my prize from Bobby 🙂

Week ending 3rd September >> – List Building Comp RESULTS – Achieved a cool payment threshold 🙂

Week ending Sunday 10th September >> – IP pool change request sent to Cliqly Support.

Week ending Sunday 17th September >> – Want to see how much PROFIT I make with TERRIBLE IP’s?

Week ending Sunday 24th September >> – IP’s performed EVEN WORSE!

Week ending Sunday 1st October >> – Normal service is resumed 🙂

Week ending Sunday 8th October >> – Test CPA’s…

Week ending Sunday 15th October >> – Results dropping again…

Week ending Sunday 22nd October >> – Is this what rock bottom lloks like?

Week ending Sunday 29th October >> – Suspended ALL Cliqly sending, but is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Week ending Sunday 5th November >> Terrible Cliqly Pro results …Time for a NEW OFFER

Week ending Sunday 12th November >> Putting Cliqly On HOLD…

Cliqly is a low margin business, that to do PROFITABLY you have to know your numbers >>

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