Only Using Cliqly List Building & Cliqly Pro

Having been a member of Cliqly since end Feb 22 I've tested various strategies. This is what I'm going to do going forward...

Buy Cliqly List Building at the best discounted prices...

The above screen shot is an example of a really good credit buying deal (13th March 23). Providing...

4 Million Cliqly List Building Credits

5 Million Cliqly Pro Credits

For $877 less 20% coupon giving a total cost of $701.60

Grab Abby Hunjo's free Google Spreadsheet / Calculator >>

Big thank you to Abby and her YouTube Channel

So you can add Credit Buying and past performance number in and see your estimated earnings based on the tier that your on.

For me this looks like...

Which is a potential Monthly Cliqly Pro PROFIT of $401 based on my being Tier 4

BUT this doesn't include any List Building Cost, which building slow and steady at 10,000 per day reduces profit by $30 Cliqly List Building Cost.

Making a total monthly profit of $371.41 whilst adding an estimated 2727 new people to my list.

If you're considering joining Cliqly watch Abbys Video below...

Still interested in Cliqly?

Currently you can watch the sales video here, join for free (be given free credits), and get started.

After you've used up your free credits you decide if you want to continue.

This is where knowing your numbers and budget is VITAL.

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