A BAD Week!

Cliqly - Weekly Results

Sunday 5 - 12th March (inclusive)


Total weekly earnings from Cliqly list building Clicks, Cliqly Pro Clicks, My Inbox Pro Clicks, and any affiliate commissions (zero) - Click earnings $113.40

My Cliqly Costs

My Inbox Pro  - $318 month / $73.18 week  - This service currently gives me 500,000 free list building credits per month, and allows me to send 100,000 emails per day to my list. I'm monetizing using the Cliqly 10c link.

Cliqly Coop  -  $197 month / $45.46 - This currently gives me 250,000 free list building credits per month and a chance to earn affiliate commissions.

Cliqly Pro Credits -  Because I noticed my drop in performance I cancelled a lot of my scheduled Pro sending down to 637,748 total sends at .000066 per send = $42.09 week

My Cliqly Pro costs are based on buying credits at the highest discount plus adding the 30% off Coupon Code as shown below....

This gives me a Cliqly Pro sending cost of .66 per 10,000 sends or .000066 cost per single email send.

Total Static Cliqly Cost Per Week  (My Inbox Pro 7 Coop) = $118.64

Total Cost in Cliqly Pro Clicks = $ 42.09

Giving Total Cost = $160.73

Deduct Cost from earnings $47.33 Loss!


I've added 2526 people to my list!

Which means I'm now Tier 4 and can send 200,000 emails per day in Cliqly Pro, which I will do when I see improved results from being moved into a new IP pool.

Going forward I will reduce daily fixed costs by stopping My Inbox Pro subscription and the affiliate CoOP. I've tested these out over a few months, but don't see the value in continuing.

This will mean I will have to buy Cliqly List Building Credits in future, but the math shows this to be a much better strategy, when bought at the best rates.

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