Wealthy Affiliate – 5 Things Everyone Should Know Before They Start

Before starting Wealthy Affiliate Know These 5 Things #1 It Works!
Getting Started - The 4 steps to making money online

Focus And Take ACTION



In A Nutshell

The above graphic illustrates a 4 step proven formula for making money on the Internet.

  • No magic buttons
  • No secret loopholes
  • No BS


It WORKS! (#1)

Before starting Wealthy Affiliate Know These 5 Things #1 It Works!

Wealthy Affiliate Really Works!

Read about some of the no prior experience real people success stories here, if in doubt.


On a more grounded level It requires serious HARD WORK (#2)

Success following the Wealthy Affiliate training really does require hard work.... sorry.

Hard Work Required

The training is great, it teaches anyone how to find great ideas and create compelling reader / watcher content.

Content is typically written, but can also / alternatively be video or image based.

The success stories are real inspiring, but most of these folks struggled for the first three months.

Google typically ‘sandboxes’ new sites for 1 – 3 months depending on who you listen to.

This means for many the first 3 months are hard work with little positive feedback from the big ‘G’.

Yes; there are many other ways of getting visitors other than from search engines alone. But the first three months within WA are all about creating a real long-term quality website.

And the content required to do that (minimum 3 good articles per week) for one person is a lot of work.


#3 It’s A Steep Learning Curve

The WA training gets you moving very fast. It is however a steep learning curve. Take your time.If you’ve never done anything like this before, give yourself a little time.

Most people (me) want to gobble up the training in a couple of days, and be making money at the end of the week.

Some folks are blessed with super retentive memories, but for the majority (me again) it’s better to take a little time and refer back to the training / community support (so good) as often as required.

But think of that hungry man analogy…

Be nice to give him food.

But better to teach him to fish.

Get this stuff right, and you’ve taught yourself how to make money independent of the man…


#4 You’ll Likely Mess It Up!


Never give up - keep falling forward....

Never Give Up!

It’s the reason you get two free websites with the basic Wealthy Affiliate membership.

You can test things out, learn from mistakes, or simply start afresh.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy the website building and techie stuff is.

But as you learn more, and progress your ideas are likely to change.

What seemed a great idea when you did the niche discovery training, suddenly fills you with dread when it comes to creating content.

All good…

Roll with the blows, keep falling forward.


Finally The Devious Wealthy Affiliate Sales Strategy (#5)…

WA are guilty of using one of the most powerful psychological selling techniques ever created…


 Leveraging reciprocity is a fantastic foundation for a business... Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how.

Reciprocity definition – Reciprocity in social psychology refers to responding to a positive action with another positive action, rewarding kind actions. As a social construct, reciprocity means that in response to friendly actions, people are frequently much nicer and much more cooperative than predicted by the self-interest model; conversely, in response to hostile actions they are frequently much more nasty and even brutal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reciprocity_(social_psychology)

WA Profits From Repository And So Will You

Meaning Wealthy Affiliate is a business and needs some paying customers to cover the overheads and provide Kyle and Carson with pocket money (they look very young to me 😛 ).

So they give us a fantastic free experience, great training, community, websites, and hope…

We rightly love it, and upgrade to premium membership asap.

Personally I think this is the coolest way I’ve ever been sold to.

And I would suggest that’s the ethos of the training.

Kyle and Carson know that the most money is earned by helping people BEFORE looking for anything in return.

The training teaches people how their business can benefit from the LAW of Reciprocity…

So build your website / business on the sound foundations of reciprocity by clicking the image below…


Wealthy Affiliate Challenge 2014 free membership sign up

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