back in the saddle - Oct 2016 results

Results Post October 2016

My overarching goal is to create a semi passive income to fund my retirement, via building a list of people interested in earning supplementary income from the Internet and helping them do it.

This means finding and sharing the best strategies, tactics, tools and services to enable the goal.

Some of the above offer affiliate opportunity, some don't.

Just about every success guide you may read states that the more people you can help the better you should do (though this is not about charity).

So I'm trying to focus on making my content and marketing more helpful whilst playing to my strengths. 

As part of my overarching goal this site has the financial target of $1000 per month profit from the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Though the site does earn from other promotions the challenge is only about WA.​

Wealthy Affiliate is the training program I used, and feel offers the safest environment for beginners to learn how to build a profitable website.

Hence it's one of my best of breed recommendations.

Results post profit & loss

As it's been such a long time since my last results post lets use this one to catch up on the basics...

Earnings from WA...

Wealthy Affiliate affiliate payments screenshot

Less an average between $100 - 133 per month for using Bing Pay Per Click (PPC).

I promote WA using Bing PPC and search engine optimization.

Though my focus is on PPC.​

These PPC campaigns have evolved over time, and the tracking is no where near exact. I know what I've spent and what I've made, I can see where most of the conversions come from but it's far from water tight.

However it makes a nice small monthly profit, for next to zero work, so all's well as far as I'm concerned.​

​My other major objective is to build a list of 5000 people interested in building a supplementary income via their own website.

Active contacts within Active Campaign

With a current 294 contacts my 5000 target is looking a nice stretch.​

The screen grab below show the current growth rate figures...

Below shows the various optin options I've tried.

Thanks to the guys from Thrive Leads I've managed to improve my optin performance from my first attempt at 0.62% optin rate to the current 5.12%.

Thrive Leads helped improve my conversions

If I Could Do Anything Different?​

I've no doubt if I had simply concentrated on writing product and service reviews for products in the make money space I would have smashed my income targets by now.

A great example is Nathaniell from . Nathaniell is a fellow WAer and copying his work ethic will hold you in very good stead. 

In the past two years Nathaniell has written over 300 posts compared to my ​40 ish!

Nuff said.​

Unfortunately I don't personally enjoy cranking out endless content, so I'm going to stubbornly try and improve my less is more approach to content... (this may be a bad idea?).

Going Forward

I'm going to concentrate on shorter term task based goals, the success of which is 100% in my hands.

These are steps required in order to take me closer to my main long-term objectives.

These currently look like...​

(Set 11th Oct 2016)

1. List Building. Build my list to 5000 subscribers (293 11th Oct 16)

2. Help my subscribers more (not sure how to measure this but I wanted it listed)

3. Test and implement a new list building idea (will document as progress)

4. Write product reviews for 3 additional products that I like and use.

5. Journal my actions, process, and results consistently within a period I can live with (less than 2 years - probably bi-weekly).

So in my next results post (hopefully in less than 2 years), we'll see what progress has been made against the above.

Any questions... please fire away in the comments below.​



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest... If you have any questions I'm always happy to help :)

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