Day 22 – Avoiding Gardening

Prefer doing web stuff than gardening.... if proof where needed.

Sunday 3rd August 2014

Prefer doing web stuff than gardening.... if proof where needed.

Gardening V Web Stuff?

I have a potentially nice garden.

But I’d rather do website stuff than work in the garden.

Criminal really. I must be the worst gardener in England?

Could this be my super power ? (see yesterdays post)

Anyway yesterdays poor performance means my objectives are carried over again!

However my success depends on me… avoiding the gardening once more…

finding your niche market

Clicking the image above will take you to the niche selection post.

Took me way too long but just hit publish in the end.


To finally publish the niche selection post.

Record Niche Selection Video

Did also avoid gardening again! yes I’m counting this as a victory.

Niche Selection Post published here.

Time Taken
About 4 hours – Really only added a little content, but ended up doing about 3 hours more research which I didn’t use in this post.

Will almost certainly add more posts on related subject matter as the topic is so interesting and important.


Next Day




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