Day 30 – Content Marketing Social Media Strategy

Social media takes time

Monday 11th August

Content marketing social media strategy

Right after two days and nights pondering.

I went through Kyle’s social media training again…

and finally feel I have my content marketing social media strategy.

This is going to be the most important lesson of this entire course for many of you and hopefully it is going to help you comprehend both the positives and negatives that social can have on your activities online.

Kyle clearly thinks social media’s important!

The above quote comes from the final lesson of the Online Entrepreneurship certification training. The level 4 Mastering Social Engagement series.

Social media takes timeLesson 10 in particular really get’s you thinking about how social media can work for you, but also sets some parameters to guard against simply wasting time.

For me doing this training again really helped me crystallise my thoughts.

I’ll cover how I went through the training below, but for now let me just skim over some of the social media evaluation criteria.

Firstly Kyle suggests that the time taken to deal with social media and reply to comments, questions and emails should be about 45 minutes per day (split morning, noon, end of day, or something similar)… seems doable?

You then need to question for EACH social network WHAT you want from it…

  • To gain more followers in my niche
  • To increase traffic to my website through posting
  • To increase my brand presence
  • Offer customer service to my potential and existing customers

Next HOW are you going about it…

  • Adding content related to my niche/business (including other peoples content)
  • Starting Discussions Related to my niche
  • Posting all new and valuable content (articles, videos, and pages)
  • Offering Support and communication via the private messaging


You need to pick and choose which social networks you are going to “engage” within and which ones you are not. There is only so much time in any given day and you may be doing yourself and business a complete disservice by being too social…

Don’t let socializing supersede your “creation” tasks. Creation leads to business growth. If you are not building and you are only socializing, your business is going to suffer as a result.

share good content is the bare minimumThe alternative to engaging (joining the conversations, following others, asking questions, starting discussions etc) is SHARING.

Sharing great helpful content does serve the community, but sharing takes a lot less time than full on engagement.

What’s the minimum I can do and still see positive results?

Kyle will get that one…

Bare minimum activity is sharing something on a social network but always make sure your priority remains building quality content. Do not let anything interfere with this, not even social. It will lead to much more short term and long term success and yes, more social engagement. See this lesson here….


My Social Media Self Evaluation Process

Previous day posts (post 1 , post 2) cover what I shall summarise as my lack of confidence in myself to be able to glean anything useful from social media.

I don’t have a following on any network, and I don’t really use Facebook (where I do actually have some friends  😛 )

I also really want to focus on creating content.

So my ‘why’ for all the social networks is…

  1. Increase traffic
  2. Gain links back to my website
  3. Brand presence

Any thing else will be a bonus.

Going forward I may choose to increase activity and even start to be proactive in discussions.

My How is…

  1. Adding my unique content (text, video, and image)
  2. Posting other peoples relevant content.

I an delighted to offer support and help but would like to try and focus that on email, website comments, Facebook page comments, and whatever results from Google +.

I now have accounts with…

Facebook Page
YouTube Channel
Google +

And plan on adding…

Instagram free blog
Blogger free blog
Tumblr free blog

I plan on sharing a lot (70%) of other peoples (good relevant) content on these sites. I don’t want these sites to be obvious self promotion.

I feel good about this strategy to start with. A bit of a cop out maybe, but I can become more adventurous as things develop.

I should also be able to get this done in about 1 hour a day (we’ll see).

Today’s Objective
Decide upon and publish my social media strategy post

Complete my Daily Actions

This social media strategy post

Time Taken
3 Hours


Next Day

Seth Godin quote on Social Media



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