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Movement Marketing For Affiliate Marketers

Movement Marketing for Affiliate MarketersThe ‘EDGE’ You’ve BeenLooking For? The definition above is taken from https://strawberryfrog.com, and why it should be of interest is because brands that achieve it will earn you a lot of money if your their affiliate. It’s one of the key criteria to look for in ‘Ultimate’ affiliate programs… Companies, products and services that ideally ‘represent’ […]

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TRAFFIC SECRETS – Russell Brunson’s New Book (coming)

TRAFFIC SECRETS  Russell Brunson’s New Book (coming) As an affiliates we don’t have to do all of this … Though it’s worth noting that super affiliates do. They serve they’re dream customers to the same level as  product and service vendors. So as affiliates do you think our job is to go through this process on behalf of […]

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Four Percent Group Live Event 2017

Four Percent International Conference June 2017

Four Percent Group Live Event 2017″Trancsendence” The Four Percent Group Live event (June 19-21st Orlando Florida) is billed as heralding a game changing Entrepreneurs Membership ‘ecosystem’ that really hasn’t been seen before… ​ Obviously a group that calls itself the Four Percent Group (the top 4% of entrepreneurial achievers) has to have extreme ambition. ​ And so it is […]

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