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Movement Marketing Example – Vick Strizheus

Movement Marketing Example Vick Strizheus… As a entrepreneur evolves they may eventually become the figurehead for a movement… A cause A tribe of people with shared beliefs and objectives. Vick Strizheus is moving into this territory with his Four Percent Group  And his “Dare To Be Great” messaging… Check Out Vicks Stuff… Grab Your Free Four Percent Basic Membership […]

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Movement Marketing For Affiliate Marketers

Movement Marketing for Affiliate MarketersThe ‘EDGE’ You’ve BeenLooking For? The definition above is taken from https://strawberryfrog.com, and why it should be of interest is because brands that achieve it will earn you a lot of money if your their affiliate. It’s one of the key criteria to look for in ‘Ultimate’ affiliate programs… Companies, products and services that ideally ‘represent’ […]

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