Movement Marketing for 
Affiliate Marketers

The 'EDGE' You've Been
Looking For?

The definition above is taken from, and why it should be of interest is because brands that achieve it will earn you a lot of money if your their affiliate.

It's one of the key criteria to look for in 'Ultimate' affiliate programs...

Companies, products and services that ideally 'represent' a movement.

Russell Brunson talks about smart companies creating their own movements (army or raving fans) in his book "Expert Secrets".

And gives us the formula...

In the image above taken from Russells book a movement needs all 3 of the elements above...

  • Charismatic Polarising Leader
  • A Compelling Future Focused Cause
  • A New Way or Vehicle for Achieving The Cause

This is NOT about creating a movement that everybody will identify with.

Its strength will be in its ability to filter out all but the most passionate.

Obvious examples are all around us in the form of religion, politics, sports, celebrity, and in commercial terms brands such as Apple and Virgin. 

If you as an affiliate can align yourself with an emerging movement that offers quality products and services your chances of success are high.

To cut to the chase...

If you can find: 

  1. A Company, Product or Service with a charismatic leader that has created a cause / movement 
  2. With an affiliate program that will pay you lifetime affiliate commissions
  3. Ideally across all products and services sold...

You have to make money!

Your only task?

Finding people that will benefit from joining the movement.

Here's a great example >>>

Four Percent Group page.


Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...