Day 45 – Screw95 Review

journal post day 45 screw95 review

Monday 25th August 2014

Been a whole 7 days since last post.

Have added my first keyword focused content…

Screw95 Review Post

I wanted to pick a really easy keyword to target.

Though in reality it’s probably not that easy…

Very few competing pages for the term Screw95 Review…

Screw95 Google exact match search results



6,470 exact match competing pages.

However as it turns out that this is a really good product many of the reviewers are really good affiliate marketers.

This last week I haven’t had as much time to focus on this project.

Next week I will also be struggling for time, but I want to building my social profiles and generating more keyword focused content again.

I also need to re-write my WA review page.

Objective last week was to identify at least 5 keyword specific post topics that would be easy to rank for over time and bring traffic into my blog. I must score myself a FAIL on this one.

I did get one of these posts done the screw95 review post. However in buying and reviewing the course it brought home to me how hard it is for new blogs to get ranked in Google. Google tend to sandbox new sites until they have gained the big ‘G’s trust.

So if I plan to bring visitors into this blog sooner, I’m going to have to either find some very easy keywords (not easy in the make money online niche) or adopt an approach like Jay teaches in his screw95.

Jay’s approach is a viral social marketing system I’d never seen before, or if I had it wasn’t described in the succinct way Jay manages.

So next week I want to implement at least 5 posts and start building my viral social profiles.

Output this week. Spent 4 hours going through the Screw95 training. And 2 hours writing my review and this journal post.

Screenshot of the Screw95 course menu / members area

Screw95 Course Menu





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