What is it and why should you care?

SmartBizDotCom is an online franchise business that I recently bought.

For me I see it as a potential self-liquidating front end for my business...

My business is about helping myself first so that others could copy if they wanted...

My mission is... 

"I Challenge Myself To Learn And Journal

The Strategies and Actions Required For Me

To Earn A Minimum Of $10,000 / month PROFIT

From Affiliate Direct Response Marketing In The Make Money Online Market

Such That Others Can Copy And Profit Themselves"

The main purpose of my business is to build an email list of people that share similar goals to me and to help them by sharing what's working.

I'm expecting SmartBizDotCom to provide a very profitable front entry point to my email list...


Though it it's too early to say with 100% certainty I believe it could do the same for you.

So if a way of profitably building your email list is of interest ...this is for you 🙂

Why do I think this will work?

Russell Brunson identified that most super successful organizations have 3 key elements:-

  1. A charismatic leader
  2. A new idea for the market
  3. And a compelling cause / culture

2 out of 3 will work but all 3 rocks!

The Franchise I bought has all 3...

If you haven't already it's probably easiest if you visit the site and check it out for yourself.

Few points first:-

  1. It's a membership site so you'll need to sign up for free membership
  2. You'll then get a detailed breakdown of how and why it works - WARNING this is what sold it to me 🙂
  3. You can stay a free member and get some cool freebies 
  4. You can unsubscribe from the email list whenever you want.

Here's What This Franchise Means For Me 

  1. It gives me 11 funnels (5 free 6 low cost) to use for list building!
  2. It allows me to leverage PROVEN products in my funnels 
  3. 2 proven software products (people love software!)
  4. It allows me to leverage Paul Lynch (charismatic leader)
  5. This Franchise model is new to our market (the new vehicle)
  6. Paul and his team are building quite the cause / culture which I can also leverage (the cause)
  7. I can leverage free and live training for my members provided by Paul and his team
  8. Consistent live events (so far UK only) building awareness and good faith.
  9. It allows me to promote any other business I want
  10. All of the funnels can be promoted on Facebook and Google advertising networks (obviously within their terms)
  11. It enables me to assume the role of product vendor 
  12. It enables me to leverage viral marketing to grow my business faster than my own promotion alone (HUGE!)
  13. They provide 500 members for each Franchise sale ...value [I'll report back on]

The work that Paul and his team are doing to help the community is something that free, Pro, and Franchise members can all witness and benefit from.

OK, here's just some of the stuff from the Facebook group over the last few hours. Do you think this provides a good member experience?

Competitions with cash prizes and on-site training... here are the Facebook live updates....

Facebook live updates

Live Free Training Webinars  - Paul Lynch is well known for his creative traffic techniques - not to be missed...

Live Training Notification

Welcoming new members - A nurturing progressive culture...

Welcoming new members

Success stories from regular people - Motivating and encouraging ...we all can do this!

member success stories

Success posts from Paul's team - FYI a 'BOOM' is a $3,000 sale and Mr 'X' is the advertising expert who will be doing the live training for the competition winners...

And lot's of Posts and support from Paul himself...

pauls facebook compliant ads post

So What About The Cons?

You can't earn anything as a free member, but you can learn from the training and get access to some cool free products that will help you if used.

Entry level as a PRO level member / affiliate is $77 one time. This gives you access to ALL products and sales funnels PLUS a minimum of 30 free members (many make sales from these members).


I bought this Franchise system because I was convinced it can help people get started PROFITABLY online, by using a PROVEN system (funnel) and teaching people how to generate traffic to that system (both free and paid methods).

From day one people are taught the proper way to build a direct response business online by building their own email lists of prospects and customers.

To build momentum the system also GUARANTEES people a minimum of 30 free members (and sometimes provides immediate sales - disclaimer there is no promise of immediate sales, sometimes they happen most times they don't).

This industry is blighted with confusion and overwhelm it's near impossible for people to keep focus with so many distractions, this system is simple ...your / my only object is drive traffic into the system / funnel!

For me personally I know this system will build my email list (biggest asset) AND I expect it to do it profit!ably!

If you've got questions please fire away in the comments below...



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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