Facebook Ads Mastery

If you never advertised on Facebook before you need to take notice.

Facebook is very fickle and quick to ban advertising accounts  ...this webinar will help you manage this 'possibility'.

So here's all the important stuff...

MUST read Facebook Advertising guide though Facebook make it hard to find!

If you don't already you'll need a Facebook Business Page in order to use their paid adverts.

This one is CRUCIAL :- Set up your ads account using Facebooks Business Manager  AND create as many ad accounts as possible!

You must do this because Facebook are super trigger happy when it comes to banning accounts, but if you've created more than one you can simply move to your next account.

The training then goes through how to select your audience and create your first ad promoting the Sales Funnel Bootcamp.

Also pay close attention to Phil's advice on selecting which type of ads to place as Facebook will try and trick you into selecting more placements than you want. 

And to add emoji's to your ads you can copy and paste them from here ...http://getemoji.com

That's it.

Please let me know how you get on...

I'm going to set up my first (using my wifes account) Facebook ad campaign exactly as Phil instructed.

I'll post the results back here 🙂



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