First Self Liquidating Offer System?

Over the summer I read Russell Brunsons "Expert Secrets" (twice so far).

Changed my perspective on what I am trying to achieve.

Showed me the marketing power of combining a charismatic character, with a new future based idea to create a 'cause'. 

Marketing gold!

In his book Russell illustrates his point by using examples as extreme as Hitler to Steve Jobs and Apple.

Yes, this stuff can be used for good and evil.

But it WORKS! ...for marketers (politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs, religious leaders, others)...


My big takeaway from reading Expert Secrets is it has taught me the rules of the game I want to play....

I now have a new filter for looking at 'opportunity'...

Your BIGGEST Asset?

Every successful marketer I know has a responsive email list.​​​​

Learning how to grow a responsive (not ignored) email list is my #1 goal.

It scares me.

Why should anybody take any notice of me?

Big brands that understand their metrics (customer value in dollars) know how much they can PROFITABLY spend to gain leads that turn a percentage into customers.

When starting out operating as an affiliate you don't know these numbers.

You need a away to learn your craft that doesn't break you.

Introducing the self Liquidating Offer...

A self liquidating offer allows people to build their list through paid traffic, covering those costs through the sale of a highly desirable low-cost 'thing' to some of the people that respond to the advertising.

The email follow up then returns the ONGOING profits...

The bigger your list the more profit you make.

This is how the pro's do it.

A self liquidating offer system (it should be systematized and automated as soon as possible) would be pretty cool - right?

Vick Strizheus teaches that to be super successful you need to buy or create 3 things...

1. ASSETS: responsive list, web properties that convert, product offers etc.

2. TIME: you'll need to learn how how to leverage people and systems to achieve more than you could on your own.

3. SYSTEMS: the automation of successful processes.

So I wondered if I could BUY myself a self liquidating offer system?

I've seen and used some of these 'done for you systems' before with some success I may add.

But  ...they're often linked to 'back-end' products I don't want to promote.

I don't own or control them or the 'message'.

They're are often hundreds of people all promoting the same system which advertising platforms don't tend to like.

These systems seem to have a limited self life.

I wondered if they're was anything better?

My new filter for reviewing possible opportunity means I look for systems where I can leverage a charismatic leader, where there is a new idea for the market, that creates a cause and culture.

I'm not looking for general appeal, the leader and message will polarize the market.

It's OK for the majority not to like it, as long as some do.

SmartBizDotCom is a system I've purchased that I believe (testing as I type) meets all the above criteria...

  • Charismatic leader
  • New Idea for the market
  • Appealing supportive cause / culture
  • A front end system that can sit in front of any business or opportunity that you want to promote

So in short I hope SamrtBizDotCom proves to be a very PROFITABLE front end system for my business...




Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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