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Stephen Munson's Heal is an interesting option.

This page is going to be a curation of great Heal related information for Heal Affiliates or those considering the business opportunity associated with this company.

What's Heal's Purpose?

Taken from Heals corporate FAQ page "Heal Worldwide was created with the goal of positively impacting lives through content, community and commerce.  Many programs and businesses exist that are lacking in one or more of these elements, leaving marketers stuck, confused, or unsuccessful no matter how hard they try.  Or, the products may be amazing, but the community element is missing or unsupportive.  Heal is designed to bridge those gaps and provide a total transformation experience allowing EVERY member to share top of the line health products, superior success and personal development training, and genuinely thrive within a caring, uplifting community."

Let's Hear From Stephen...

The Heal Time-Stamp is a 100% free way to 'lock-in' your place with Heal.

It enables you to fully test out the Discoverheal.com back office and the marketing system at zero cost.

You can also join the DiscoverHeal Facebook community and interact with other members.

You could even promote Heal to 'test' the system if you want...

This is where the time-stamp is important because it records people that sign-up after you that you can potentially still earn commissions from; through either...

The Straight Line commission system that simply pays 1% of any sales made to the 10 people that sign up after you.


The 33% commission from anybody you directly refer.

So if you miss commissions because you haven't become a Heal VIP you still get a chance to earn future commissions if you chose to upgrade to VIP later!

Becoming a Heal VIP costs $49/mo.

So joining as a time-stamped free member is a great way to check Heal out zero risk.

How To Make Money With Heal

To make money with Heal you must be an active Heal VIP member ($49/mo) and have paid the $19.95  yearly Affiliate Fee (which covers affiliate payments using the Payquicker Prepaid Visa Card (Payquicker.com) 

There are certainly a number of affiliates posting great results from promoting Heal to their followers.

Heal benefits from a very Charismatic leader in Stephen Munson, a creative and engaging compensation plan, and a very slick and attractive website...

The messaging is designed to grow a 'movement'; a community of like minded people that believe in Stephen's objectives.

So does Heal present a good opportunity for Affiliates?

This post measures Heal against my 'Ultimate' criteria which in my opinion indicates affiliate programs that are most likely be profitable for affiliates promoting in the make money online market - affiliate marketing niche.

Check out is Heal An Ultimate Affiliate Program here >>>

Interested in making money promoting Heal as an affiliate?

Do you think offering your leads the exact same bonuses and help the #2 affiliate in Heal offers would help you?

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