How Claire Creates Successful Websites Without Building Backlinks - Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

This proves that you can be successful building websites without building backlinks PROVIDED you go after low competition keywords.

I'm not aware of Claire being a member of Wealthy Affiliate but her method is 100% relevant for Wealthy Affiliate members. Or put another way if you listen to the podcast and like what you hear consider joining Wealthy Affiliate for free so can test out the website building business at zero cost.​

Before watching I highly recommend grabbing a pen and paper for taking notes...​

How cool is Claire for sharing so much of her method 🙂

No Backlinks Website - Highlights

This business makes over $10k per month profit for Claire and her husband.

Claire mostly (80% my estimate) creates 3 - 5 product review posts promoting Amazon products - example 5 best blenders under $250​.

The keywords targeted are very low competition (ideally under 200 competing pages where the phrase appears all in the title though the words can appear in any order)

You can search this yourself using ALLINTITLE:keyword here . example ALLINTITLE: websites without backlinks​ (49,800 competing pages a bad keyword example!)

Claire talks of using a tool for checking large numbers of keywords. This is a paid tool and requires you to also use paid proxies -

NOTE: Wealthy Affiliate suggest you look for keywords using quoted all in title - the exact search term example ALLINTITLE:​"website without backlinks"

This is referred to in the free WA Keyword tool as QSR (quoted search results) ​and should be a much lower number than without quotes ideally under 100

Don't get to bogged down in the numbers as Claire say's start from the easiest and see how your content ranks - the better your content quality (length / uniqueness / relevance) the more aggressive you can be in terms of taking on higher competition.​

Claire also talks of combining keywords or extending them to create multi keyword titles for her content. Example "best white microwaves ovens for under $200" combines "microwaves ovens for under $200" and "best white microwave ovens" ​ - there are probably hundreds of keyword combo's in a title like that (HINT).

For new sites Claire does her keyword research and likes to have 30 posts worth of content created before building the site out. She then posts out on a schedule of a post per day dropping to a post per week after the first month.​

Claire does like to build websites with the keyword in the domain name (known as EMD Exact Match Domains). This used to be a great booster to Google ranking but has diminished in​ recent years. "Best White Microwave Ovens For Under $150" is probably to narrow for a domain name, but "Best Budget Microwave Ovens" would probably give you plenty of products and scope to create a 40+ page site.

Images Images Images - images reduce bounce rate (people bouncing back to Google from your site - Claire's bounce rate is about 75%) . People searching for keyword terms just want to see the products, get the info and buy it!​

I would suggest listening again with ​pen and paper for notes if this is of interest.

Tips and Attribution YouTube Channel

Check out Claire's blog here...

Want to try this out for yourself?

I would suggest joining Wealthy Affiliate as a free member you'll get 2 free websites on with all cost covered, video training on how to set up your site and access to a free keyword tool that will enable you to follow this system... there's actually quite a lot more as well but that'll make a nice surprise...

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