5 Reasons To Join 4 Percent Group

To frame this post properly, I'm a affiliate and paid member of Four Percent Group.

This post articulates my reasoning for upgrading from free to paid member of Four Percent.

It's probably also worth noting that I'm a 'gut' decision maker, which has mostly stood me in good stead. 

Finally I have some core beliefs about programs I promote as an affiliate:-

  • Free Membership / Trial Period
  • Money back  Guarantee
  • No Multi Level programs
  • I own / use it
  • No or over hyped sales process
  • Must Work

Reason #1 - The Big Idea

So on top of the core principals for promoting a product, it helps if the product has a Big Idea behind it, a unique selling proposition.

I feel Four Percent Group has a truly unique proposition at the time of writing (it will be copied).

The idea of a training center / marketplace with both physical and digital products  aimed at online entrepreneurs in any mainstream market and promising the highest quality of 'product' worthy of the top 4% .

The success of this idea will depend on the markets response to Four Percents value led marketing systems... I've gambled on the response being positive.

Reason #2 - Multiple Streams Of Income

As an affiliate the concept of being able to send visitors to a partner that provides:-

  • Lifetime cookies
  • All marketing materials coded with my affiliate links across all sales funnels
  • Products and services from independent quality companies 
  • Products and services that address all mainstream markets
  • Both digital and physical products
  • Potentially over 30 streams of affiliate income!

The recorded hangout below gives a great example of Vick's style of training and how Four Percent will deliver multiple streams of income.

Reason #3 - Value Led Done For You Marketing Funnels

The concept of value led marketing is not new, the delivery technologies and  channels are always evolving providing great opportunity for companies that have the ability to leverage these channels.

Value led marketing goes beyond just pushing the free line, and is a powerful because it converts, but also meets the ever more exacting quality standards of advertising networks such as Google and Facebook who are rightly champions of good user experience.

Done right value led marketing provides great user experience, improved conversions and reduced refunds.

Want an example? Click here to test the Four Percent Groups 7 Steps To Success value led sales funnel....

Video segment which is part of the 7 Steps To Success value led sales funnel

Click image to test 7 Steps To Success...

Reason #4 - Funnels That Build Your Own List

One of Vick's stated goals for Four Percent members is to become independent marketers in their own right. A big part of this is learning how to build and successfully market to your email subscribers.

At the time of writing this is achieved automatically through integration with the Get Response auto responder service (all of the major auto responder services will be added over time). Meaning you can promote Four Percent sales funnels directly and if you have a Get Response API you'll be building your own list automatically.

Imagine the costs and skills required to build value led lead generation systems like this...

Four percent members get access to these powerful systems.

Reason #5 - It Works

There are many examples within the Facebook Four Percent Members group of success stories from promoting Four Percent Sales Funnels.

If you join Four Percent as free member you'll get access to the closed Four Percent Facebook group where you'll see posts from many successful members, but maybe more interesting is seeing the reaction from independent high profile experts...

One such example is Real Estate expert and best selling author Richard Edrosolan​...

​For a more detailed review of Four Percent Group Click here...

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