Wealthy Affiliate A NEGATIVE Review


Pretty hard to find a sensible negative review of Wealthy Affiliate.

The video below questions whether Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, or if not a scam worth your investment.

​This is a non affiliated review of WA...


Zerofatz for me does a pretty decent job of reviewing WA on the fly.

I like his 4 rules for reviewing online opportunities...

1. Is the product understandable & stable?

2. What's the creator intrigity

3. Are there long term prospects with the product?

4. Is there Intrinsic value... what's it worth to you.

Pretty sound set of criteria.

So how does Wealthy Affiliate score...

1. PASS - Free membership, try it out, clear navigation.

2. PASS - Creator Integrity was given a pass because of the free membership, and hype-free website. No claims of earning or other over hyped copy usually associated with this market.

3. 50/50 - Long term prospects. Zerofatz scores WA good for teaching affiliate marketing. In his opinion an evergreen skill that will always be of value.

Though Zerofatz was very concerned about being 'tied-in' to Wealthy Affiliate. The having all your eggs in one basket being a risky prospect (it is).

4. FAIL - Zerofatz actually passes WA on the FREE membership but doesn't feel the service would be worth $47 per month.

So they're you have it a non affiliated, slightly negative review. ​

Personally I think it's a good review, I like his criteria... very sound.

I also think he has a pretty good understanding of What WA is about.

Sure he's misunderstood a few points, but hey I've been a WA member for 3 years, and I'm still learning stuff myself.

Only serious misunderstandings are around whether WA is ALL about teaching people how to promote WA itself.

Sure the WA Bootcamp training is about that. But that's NOT the recommended approach for newbies (because it's way harder than other markets).

Promoting WA is really for people that can't make up their mind about what niche to go into.​

Most WA members make their money promoting other affiliate schemes (Amazon is super popular) or by putting Google Adsense on their sites.​


Also the hosting doesn't tie you to WA like Zerofatz feared.

Your free websites WA give you can be easily moved to your own hosting with your own domain name at no charge.

The costing can also be clarified...

Option 1 Unlimited duration free membership​

Option 2 Premium Membership first month $19​ (full access to EVERYTHING reduced from $47)

Option 3 Premium Membership after the first month is $47 per month.

Option 4 Annual premium membership which can drop your lower your costs to $299 per year (see details here).

The only other thing I'd add is that for most people. Your not going to be promoting WA, so you really don't need to stay a premium member a moment longer than you have to. 

Meaning you can join for free, test it out, go premium 'cram' in the premium training​ and then go back to being a free member.

Loads of people do this. You can also rejoin the premium scheme again later if you want to... sensible right?

So if you had time you could probably cram everything you need into 1 month for $19, but I would suggest you budget for 3 months.

If you want my biased review of Wealthy Affiliate click here...​

Any questions?

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