My December 2016 results and thoughts going forward

Wealthy Affiliate Challenge Results -  Dec 2016

Current short term goals...

Goals and results reporting summary

(Set 11th Oct 2016 - Updated December 2016)

1. Build revenue from promoting Wealthy Affiliate to $1,000 per month (currant 24 month average $440.45 - Revenue Oct 16 $325.00)

2. List Building. Build my list to 5000 'targeted' subscribers.

Previous month added 66 subscribers this month 65

2. Help my subscribers more (not sure how to measure this but I wanted it listed)

Ideas on this below...​

3. Test and implement a new list building idea (will document as progress)

More below...​

4. Write product reviews for 3 additional products that I like and use.

ZERO reviews added!​

Results wise it looks like I've taken the month off!

​My Bing ads spend went up to £281.00 so I know I did do some work...

WA premium new member sign ups increased to​ 6 so far this month which reflects well on the new ads testing.

The fact that my email list building hasn't increased is probably due to the fact my opt-in form offers people the option to skip joining my list in favor of going straight to WA (many have taken this option :).​

Below is a screen-shot from my Bing account...​

Bing ads summary screen shot December 2016

The circled data from my last 30 days report shows the total spend then the conversion (this includes not only my email sign ups but also WA free and premium) and finally the CPA (the average cost per acquisition - sign up to my list or WA).

As an affiliate it's really hard to track everything really accurately... so it becomes a case of seeing trends and working with what you've got (a subject for another day maybe).

The image below is a screen-shot from WA today (21st Dec)...

Screen shot from WA showing this months earnings

Wanted to just explain the $390 'pending release' this is the commission from members who chose to upgrade to annual billing. This will be paid Jan 1st.

Also 167 credits is actually worth 50c per credit, which I can withdraw through Paypal or use internally within WA.

I've recently used some these to pay for post comments, which I find useful for getting feedback on some of my content.

Helping People More...​

In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate does an awesome job of getting people started online...

I would describe my experience as being a journey of SELF discovery.


That WA is the chrysalis, but different from a caterpillar to butterfly transformation people join WA but can come out very different from each other...

Under the protective cocoon from WA people develop in different directions... which I find fascinating.​

In my opinion this is what makes WA so unique and awesome and I don't want to distract people from THEIR TRANSFORMATION.

However, I do feel that my experiences and results can add value for some people (only some).

My next goal idea is going to be along the lines off...

Sharing "The Best of Breed Affiliate Funnel System"​ which is the fancy pants name I've given what I'm creating  for myself.

​The not very unique idea being to help people get where I've got faster than I did...

This boils down to picking the right foundation products to promote, AND the most effective system for promoting them if you have limited time.

So with Christmas coming, I'm going to let this idea marinade in red wine and seasonal good will and see what comes out the other side...



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest... If you have any questions I'm always happy to help :)

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