IFTTT FREE Automation For
Affiliate Marketers


IFTTT (If this then that) is a 100% FREE application that lets you automate tasks...

For me as an affiliate marketer I have just started to use this to automatically syndicate my blog content to my other social platforms.

IFTTT makes blog post syndication 100% automatic once you've set up the 'recipes'.


Yes IFTTT seems to use cooking vernacular... ​

Recipes are the individual tasks and 'ingredients' are the content elements that you can mix into your recipe.

​The video below is Matthew Woodward explaining some of the broader uses for IFTTT. The rest of the post will look at using IFTTT for automatic syndication of blog posts etc...


Pretty cool.

IFTTT For Blog Syndication


I follow the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) content creation and promotion system.

IT works. Google loves it, but it takes time.

WA doesn't promote backlink building or any risky forms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

However, WA does tell us to promote our blog content across our preferred social sites (Facebook, Google +, Twitter as a minimum).

The benefit of this is that if you have followers in these networks you'll attract visitors back to your website, and it you don't you'll get high-quality backlinks to your article that will help it rank better in the search engines.

If you also think IFTTT could be used for real heavy duty automated backlink building you'd be right. It can.

This isn't my intention, just automation to save me time, score some backlinks and help my content rank faster and higher.

Because IFTTT is so easy to use I did get a little carried away and added Blogger, WordPress.com and, Tumblr properties to my original Twitter, Facebook Fan page, and Google + accounts.

The content I plan to share is going to be both my stuff from this blog and other Affiliate Marketing related content that I like.

The idea here is that all the links posted across this mini network won't be pointing just at my site, so it won't look 100% self-promotional.


IFTTT Blog Syndication Recipe Set Up


So the content syndication for this site is triggered when I hit the 'publish' button.

When I publish new content this site's RSS feed is updated.

IFTTT​ Recipes then automate all of the following...

1. A link post is created on my WAC Facebook fan-page linking back to the post.

2. A link post is sent to 'buffer.com' which in turn posts to both Twitter and Google +.

3. A new WordPress.com blog I've created is also updated with a link post.

4 & 5. Blogger.com and Tumblr.com properties are also updated in the same way.​



​I screen captured the step by step process of setting one of these recipes up to show you how easy this is...

Example IFTTT Recipe Set Up (RSS Feed to trigger Facebook fan page post)​

If you haven't set up IFTTT to 'allow' posting to Facebook IFTTT will take you through a simple process to enable connecting to Facebook (both personal and fan pages). Looks like...


IFTTT Allow Facebook Access

If like me you'd already set up Facebook and IFTTT to connect.

1. Create a Recipe...​

1. Select 'trigger' (RSS feed update) looks like...


Step 1 create a trigger for your recepe

​2. Add your RSS feed url.


Note: I'm using an attribution plugin that does all the clever SEO stuff, which is why my WordPress url looks non-standard. More on this later in the post.

3. Then press 'that' to add the channel you want (Facebook in my case)...


IFTTT after adding RSS trigger press the that button

4. Next pick the channel...

I chose post tto Facebook fan page rather than to my personal wall

5. Then...​

Tell It what action you want to take

6. Add your ingredients...

Add your ingredients...

7. Then if you're happy with the recipe to click the 'Create Recipe' button.

Happy? If your happy with your IFTTT recipe click create recipe


Pretty damn easy right?​

And all for FREE!​



IFTTT For Search Engine Optimization


So you'd be right in thinking this sort of knowledge can be used for serious SEO (if that's your thing).

There are quite a few people that build these free IFTTT networks for their clients and charge them a monthly SEO management fee.

Anyway if you're interested in learning more about IFTTT for SEO purposes I have all the good stuff in the FREE resources area which you can access by clicking the button below...


IFTTT For Blog Post Syndication... UPDATE


It Works!

Yes, I've had problems in the past with syndication plugins and other solutions for this task.

So when I posted my first post (it doesn't syndicate old / existing posts) after setting up my syndication  network I checked ​the stats and was confronted with error messages...


But after checking everything, not finding any human error (unusual for me) I went to bed on it.

Next day checked again and all the sites had the syndication content as required.

So I wanted to post this update to prevent you the pain and wasted time I went through looking for errors that weren't there.


​Checking Your IFTTT Recipe Logs

So when you log in at IFTTT.com you want to click on the 'My Recipes' tab in the top nav bar and then you'll see...

IFTTT Checking your recipe log files

The detailed log files are under the tab indicated within the red square.

The gray text gives you an instant update as to what has happened. In my case '2 run times' means that this recipe has posted to articles over 3 days. This is what it should have posted.

However when I first started using the service I looked under the detailed log reports to see at'what's shown in the image below...

IFTTT log files report

I've no idea why what a 'Feed Trigger Error' really means, and I don't actually care as long as it syndicates my content within a few hours.

So what do the syndicated posts look like?

IFTTT post link example to a Facebook Fan-Page

I've noticed that the posts featured image isn't always picked up which would be better... but hey-ho.

Also for me this exercise is about syndication for faster Google indexing and backlinks for improved ranking.

So does it work?

I'm no SEO and my Title ("IFTTT Free Automation For Affiliate Marketers") is an easy long tail keyword.

But it's now ranked #3 in Google after being posted just over 3 days ago.

Google Search Rankings After IFTTT Syndication

If you've any questions about using IFTTT please go for it in the comments below...






Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest... If you have any questions I'm always happy to help :)

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