Evergreen Keywords

​Personally I love the idea of finding easy to rank evergreen keywords with a high commercial intent.

With so many new products and services hitting the market it's easy to find them.

​Provided you know a little about the market and / or you have access to a keyword tool.

'Product name' with review on the end are great to rank for in advance of the product coming out.

For this quick example I like the idea of case-study keywords. Personally I love a good case study and feel others do too ...I'm going to test this assumption.

So I'm going to try and rank for the term "Wealthy Affiliate case-study".

The Jaaxy keyword tool available with your free WA membership tells me it'll be easy to rank for BUT there is nobody searching for this term!

I don't believe that ...so I'll test.

It's got the other characteristics I'm looking for...

  • Evergreen subject (I think WA will be around a lot longer)
  • Commercial intent
  • Fits my niche strategy
Jaaxy keyword tool results for "wealthy Affiliate case study"

So I created a page around the keyword and followed the WA ranking process I've written about here...

​I left a couple of bits out I'll likely add a Youtube video at a later date.

But is it ranking?

Google search results for Wealthy Affiliate Case study

​The screen-shot is taken from a incognito search (so my personal search history can't skew results) I did for my target keyword.

And yes ranking 1 & 2


I'll report back later to see if this page attracts any visitors from Google.

I bet it will???

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