Four Percent Challenge Case Study
Weeks 2 & 3

I'm writing this having just listened to but not completed the action steps in session 33.

This session also contained a survey which in answering honestly has made me realize I haven't followed as closely as I should...

Nothing major just a few action steps that I've side stepped for my own convenience (Vick did say in session 4 that I'd have to deal with doubt, fear and anxiety).

I'll need to put these right before allowing myself to tick off further steps.

So a lot has gone on through this time frame.

I tested solo add traffic directly to the Four Percent Challenge landing page...

So from 2 solo add purchases one made 2 sales the other zero.

Susanne has had one sale from her site, and I've had another sale from free search engine traffic from this site.

This translates into Clickbank commissions starting to come in...

And another source of income...

The image above is a Clickmagick trial in progress and the same name but different user name that refunded (we'll see).

Many people that come through this process will already own the required tools but not all... so the Multiple Streams of Income Vick talks about will start to grow.

So after discussing with Susanne we decided on the case-study marketing vehicle ...a sell without selling approach that I think suits us.

We decided on this at about session 25 / 26 which has meant some re-working of our websites, and changing all our email follow ups...

Quite a lot of work as it turns out.

Going Forwards...
But Backward First

I bought Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM) once I'd seen enough potential.

ITM is great. It's a real traffic road map of sources you should use at different stages of your business.

The $10k, $100K, $1M phases of the challenge start to make sense to me now I've seen ITM.

It's brought home the fact that at this stage I don't know enough about how well our content is converting before ramping up traffic buying. 

Put another way I don't know my numbers...

Over time I will be able to tell the average value of a Four Percent Challenge Membership sale

For example when promoting Wealthy Affiliate which has been in operation for much longer Kyle tells us that the average WA membership value is $150.

This value is an average and can be affected by traffic source and the affiliate who introduces people. Some affiliates equip people for success better than others.

Armed with this 'estimated' $150 value I know that if I'm promoting WA through paid advertising I will be profitable if my advertising cost per membership sign up is less than $150 dollars...

Spend $120 dollars in advertising and get 1 WA member I should see a $30 profit.

Vital information for anyone planning on using paid advertising media.

Also remember that different traffic sources will convert differently Bing pay per click will be different from solo ads.

The only way to find out your numbers is through testing.

So I've started by testing solo add providers sending traffic to Vicks Four Percent Challenge optin page.

Having now resolved our unique case-study angle - I need to test it.

I must not ASSume anything 🙂

So I'm going to test this theory using solo adds and compare results.

Before starting this testing I need to go back and reposition my email follow-up messages to ensure they're congruent with my case-study approach and are helpful and actionable.

I also need to create a solo add specific landing page or test against this blog style format (not decided yet)

With this desire to provide useful actionable info please leave comments if you have questions or suggestion on how I can improve this case study for you...

Thanks you 🙂



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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