A Brief Backstory... 

My name is Richard Penfold (pictured with my wife Susanne and daughter Rebecca).

My online journey has been enlightening, I've had moderate success with many of the models I've tried, affiliate marketing, building made for Adsense websites, drop shipping and local business consulting...

But over time I've come to realize my dream is to build PASSIVE INCOME producing systems.

It's not that I don't want to work. I do. But on my terms...

I've always 'felt' that such a system exists if I was just persistent enough to keep looking. 

Tony Robbins says to succeed you want to get yourself a mentor...

A Mentor That's Getting The RESULT You Want

They will give you the strategy and action steps required.

The game changer?

Two actually...

Resist the temptation to try to sell affiliate products. 

Instead build your own identity / brand that clearly communicates to visitors what you're about and why they should care.

So I'm about working VERY part time to build dependable affiliate income by sharing what's working for me so people can take the ideas they like and leave the rest.

This still promotes affiliate products and services where appropriate but not in a pushy way.

The BIGGY...

To achieve results as an affiliate WITHOUT possessing ninja marketing skills people need an edge IMO.

My edge comes from learning from and promoting what I call an 'Ultimate' affiliate program...

  • A UNIQUE Company People Love. It HAS to be a win, win, win.
  • That pays affiliates lifetime commissions AND offers the opportunity for Multiple Streams of Income (the game changer) 
  • From potentially each and EVERY person you refer! 

Multiple streams of income make your biz more robust because you're NEVER reliant on any ONE company or product.


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