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About Me 

Hi reader, my name is Richard Penfold (pictured below with my mum making up the four), 50+ years old, married (28th year) to my lovely wife Susanne with one daughter Rebecca.

To describe myself in a few words... a human Labrador, loyal, love water, and a little to keen on my food.​

The Penfold family as was

Brief Overview Of My Experience
So Far...

  • Below average student - school never inspired me much - ironically I now love to read and improve myself
  • Left home at 16 to avoid my dad's functional alcoholism (he was an awesome dad until the booze finally got him)
  • Became the worst golf professional the world has ever seen - Great times though!
  • Moved into a career as a sporadically successful salesman for various Telecoms companies
  • Started my own recruitment business and found my first consistent long-term success.
  • The  subprime financial crisis of 2007-8 hit my client base of Banks and consulting firms very hard... and me with them.
  • Tried juggling my recruitment business with a few other ideas with not enough focus or clarity.
  • 2013 decided my future was online and launched a number of hit and miss online ventures.
  • 2016 settled on a system that plays to my strengths, and am stubbornly working towards my personal goal.

My Online Goals

My original goal was a monthly profit of £10,000. But I learnt to be more specific...

So now the number remains the same, but it's earned through helping people develop their own online affiliate marketing business.​ This affords me the opportunity to leverage systems and automation to deliver improving service whilst not being a slave to the business. 

​I got to this point via trying all manner of online business models, most with some modest success, but really only one that floated by boat ...selling information products as an affiliate.

I've made many, many, mistakes along the way and have​ been mauled on many occasions by Googles updates, and changing position on advertisers (all great lessons learned).

What continues to work for me (and many others) is blogging or content marketing using a system taught by Wealthy Affiliate.​

Onto this ​I've added list building and email marketing which when done right amplifies my performance.

Going forward I've been rather inspired by Vick Strizheus of Four Percent fame to learn how to add more visitor value into my affiliate marketing business. Not easy but worth the effort I feel.

If you have any questions please feel free to fire away in the comments below.


Richard 🙂

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