Ultimate Affiliate Program Idea Development


I like to note down my idea’s, not really for public publication but if you’ve found it I hope it might trigger some ideas for your business 🙂

Update Idea: Angle – Get PAID to share cool stuff online. Hint it’s the stuff you’re already sharing but with a secret ingredient, and a little pruning (no negativity or whining …EVER!)

  1. Build a simple DISTRIBUTION NETWORK for the stuff you’d like to share. This over time will grow to be a great business asset that will attract prospects, validate your credibility, and AMPLIFY all your business efforts… It should be fun and free too!
  2. Ensure you add an ‘ULTIMATE AFFILIATE PROGRAM’ into the mix as they’re cool and will build you a longterm sustainable business.
  3. DO THIS to start FAST and ‘prime’ your distribution network for success.

My Distribution Network: Remarketing List (Google & Facebook), Email List, Blog, Facebook (Wall and or Page), Linkedin, YouTube.  Email, Blog, and Facebook are mandatory IMO add others if you want to use them.

An Ultimate affiliate Program will earn you frontend, backend, and RECURRING affiliate commissions, whilst building a legit longterm business.

Using Russell Brunson’s Value Ladder below to help explain what we’re looking for in a company to promote as an affiliate.

The Value Ladder represents the customer journey through the various levels a company may offer. From free service at the start of the relationship up different price point offers as the company helps it’s customers succeed. Obviously, this only works if the company products and services WORK.

The continuity program along the bottom usually represents a monthly or quarterly service offering that forms the backbone of a stable, sustainable financial model.

As affiliates, we very rarely get a share of much beyond the frontend and sometimes the continuity offer because these mid, and backend sales often take place months or even years after the initial sale…

By then our affiliate cookies have expired 🙁

But the mid and backend is where the big money resides…

So if we can find programs that pay us these commissions our chances of success go through the roof!



Use this FAST traffic source to prime your system for SUCCESS… I’m going to suggest Bing PPC as your starting point because it’s not


As part of the affiliate training, I’m going through one of the key concepts is to create your own unique marketing wrapper around whatever main product you want to promote as an affiliate.

I discovered an affiliate program that not only shares all of its frontend and backend sales with referring affiliates but also offers a facility to allow participating affiliates to add in their affiliate links into recommended 3rd party products that this primary program discusses in its training materials.

This is huge!

A game-changer IMO.

I thought of this as the ‘Ultimate’ in affiliate incentive any company could offer.

This initial thought has become my ‘unique’ marketing wrapper.

The idea of this post is for me to test out the idea of using WordPress Posts to flesh out my ideas. The attention is not to share this information as such, but to use WordPress as a notepad if you like.

The prime product behind this idea has helped me in 3 ways…

  1. Mindest change
  2. Marketing Knowledge & Winning Affiliate Strategy
  3. Affiliate earnings from promoting this program

I wholeheartedly believe this product can help others like me…

And even more people that aren’t like me 🙂

UPDATE: I wanted to add in here that I BELIEVE the above with every cell in my body. I, therefore, want to SHARE this with everybody that is looking to earn a little extra online. BUT in a way where they can EVALUATE this business model free from any hype or pressure …no strings attached.

My vision (A somewhat improbable dream that carries you forward) is to help everybody that wants to earn extra money online by SHOWING them how I do it so they can SEE it, TOUCH it, INTERACT with it, ASK me questions about it WITHOUT any catches.

My strategy – “Show & share affiliate marketing”. Showing people the products and services that meet the above exacting criteria. Showing WHAT they are, WHY they’re so good, the RESULTS I’ve gained so that they can see what’s possible, and HOW I’ve done it. I’ll also share how others have faired using them.

My tactics – To create a web presence that SHOWS this information in a way that allows me to test & track its effectiveness so that I can improve it over time. Once these ‘messaging’ blocks are built much like Lego I’ll be able to test the format and sequencing to best effect. The main daily focus for this business is to SHARE this messaging with targeted groups of people so that I can test its effectiveness and profitability over a 10-day messaging window.

So the first task is to clarify the ideal customer (me) for this product.

Somebody looking to earn as they learn, meaning promote the product they’re learning from if they like it.

The training will work for any affiliate marketplace, but the obvious affiliate partners would be those focused on the make money niche.

Some affiliate experience, with an understanding that affiliate marketing works but requires work and investment in education and tools.

Somebody that ideally would like to build a business around this training rather than promote many different offers?

In terms of key skills that want to learn would be, attractive communication, Funnel building, email marketing, a proven affiliate ‘system’.

UPDATE: On re-reading these ‘notes’ I feel one of the personality issues I’m still struggling to overcome is my love of learning but then not DOING. I consume KNOWLEDGE but don’t do anything with it! POINTLESS – right.

I will incorporate a mantra of daily working to turn MY KNOWLEDGE into EXPERIENCE (what you gain when you implement what you learn) and the SELF-CONFIDENCE experience brings that is needed to become better.

A LEARN, DO, DO, DO, DO, DO……… MASTER approach.  Where I STOP learning until I’ve MASTERED the MINIMUM amount of knowledge required to move me forward.

I only start LEARNING again when I’ve hit a roadblock and need to find a way past it!


Key messaging for ‘my’ marketing wrapper (Ultimate Affiliate Program)

  1. Ultimate Affiliate Program: To succeed BIG as an affiliate you must get a share of the frontend and backend product sales and ideally recurring affiliate commissions for the lifetime of your referrals.
  2. Conversion: A mix of science and art to influence people, but ultimately deliver service that helps them. It looks like content that attracts people into a series of information (often called a funnel) that educates, inspires, and motivates them to click your affiliate links.
  3. Traffic: Master one traffic source at a time …profitably.


Doing a reasonable job of conversions and traffic while promoting ordinary affiliate programs will likely be profitable, but not life-changing profitable. Change to promoting an Ultimate affiliate program and this changes because you’ll be building increasing monthly recurring income streams, whilst getting consistent big commissions through the back end sales.

Promoting Ultimate Affiliate Programs is the way to go for average affiliates that want to punch above their weight.

Educate Inspire Motivate and Prove what you say is correct. Deliver these messages across different mediums, blog posts, pdf, image, video, slides, and via social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin etc.

Message 1 – The big idea based offer. “Sell people what THEY WANT and GIVE THEM what they NEED.

In all probability something that calls out the specific target and offers them what they want … fast and easy money.

“If you can’t profit promoting this…”

Message 2 – The overview of what works and why it works. An educational piece that provides PROOF that inspires and motivates into the bargain.

Message 3 – The secret to conversion that doesn’t require ninja marketing skills because it’s based on being authentic, transparent and 100% honest. This enables ordinary people to convert like a pro.

Being a newb, without experience or even results CAN be an advantage…

Another educational piece that builds interest in the ideal candidate and motivates them to stick around for the next message.

Message 4 – The case study. Prove that anyone can profitably promote an Ultimate affiliate program without the need for great marketing skills… rather a logical structure and honesty.

Message 5 – Other peoples success stories.


The development of ‘MY SYSTEM’


Using Russell Brunson’s & Phases of a Funnel image below…

The above image of a sales funnel is typical of how the products and services we promote as affiliates are structured.

As affiliates, we occupy the first 2 phases of Russell’s model.


I want ‘my system’ to show people the MINIMUM KNOWLEDGE needed to be SUCCESSFUL (PROFITABLE).

In a nutshell, what’s worked for me is taking the first 10 sessions of Vick Strizheus Four Percent Success Challenge to build my unique PRE-FRAME BRIDGE system to promote what I call ULTIMATE affiliate products.


That’s it!

I’ve far from MASTERING this yet!

So I’ve decided to STOP!

STOP learning until I master this or hit an obstacle that I require to LEARN how to pass it.

Smart Marketing for Affiliate Marketers


The image above is the Smart affiliate marketing set up taught by Vick Strizheus put into my language/image.

In session 10 video 3 of the success challenge, Vick shares his first traffic strategy…


The target of the challenge is to make over $10,000 in affiliate commissions. Vick wants to do this within 30 days so this video shows how he intends to do this knowing what he knows about the conversions stats for his program.

At the time of recording this video the average Four Percent Success Challenge customer after 10 days was $175.00 so Vick then uses this to estimate his earnings based on targeted visitor numbers.

So in the image above Vicks calculation is shown on the whiteboard…

10,000 visitor target to his squeeze page over the next 20 days.

30% opt-in rate giving 3,000 email subscribers (leads)

and then what he would earn with very conservative conversion stats…

2% conversion would be 60 sales x $175 = $10,500

3% conversion would be 90 sales  X $175 = 15,750

The challenge price has changed since this video was created…

This is a post that shares the current numbers (they’ve got better!)

But basically, the Four Percent Success Challenge is generating…


This $457 average customer value is over a 24 hour period and is without the email follow up sequence AND the earning potential from the Multiple Streams of Income!

Vicks advice: start testing ’24 hour traffic’ sources such as from other peoples lists, influences, or PPC advertising … start affordable, test conversions and then scale up.

So my funnel idea to test is…

Various UAP squeeze page / solo / PPC combo’s > Thank You Page UAP Menu Options that link to…

  1. Four Percent Success Challenge Webinar
  2. Four Percent Group Free Membership Option
  3. Partner with Anthony sales video
  4. Morrison Publications free membership
  5. Power Lead System / Lead Lightning tools offer

Via my affiliate links.

Doing this on a budget…

So the process again 1) Find an Ultimate Program to Promote 2) Build your SMART marketing system for the UAP 3) Send ONE traffic source at a time, keep the profitable ones kill the others, stack profitable till you hit your goals.

To build your SMART marketing system you need

  1. A UNIQUE to you  OFFER that helps people move towards their goal that you exchange for their email address
  2. A Thank You pre-frame page that you link to after people join your list. This must Inspire, Educate, and inspire people to click through via your affiliate link to the UAP you’re promoting.
  3. Email follow up series that Inspires, Educates, and Motivates people to check out the UAP
  4. A way of testing, and tracking your OFFER ideas, email subscriber percentage, affiliate click-throughs to the UAP from your thank you page and email follow up.

This is going to require some tools & training…

  1. A Lead Capture system to collect your email subscribers, and host your Thank You page
  2. An Email Service Provider to send your subscribers follow up emails (known as an Autoresponder)
  3. A way of testing and tracking so you can improve your system’s profitability over time
  4. The ultimate affiliate program you’re going to first LEARN from then EARN from

The above are the minimum to get you started.

The best of breed industry Lead Capture solution used by many online marketers is Clickfunnels which is awesome but costly after the trial period (min $97 /mo).

There are many Email Service Companies to choose from all costing in the region of $20 – 40 /mo to get started. Usually after a free trial.

The testing and tracking software I use is Clickmakick which starts from $19/mo.

When considering starting on online affiliate business these monthly costs can soon start to add up, and though it’s all good IF profits start flowing back into your bank account…

But what if they don’t?

Being a new venture profits aren’t guaranteed…

IDEAS – Get Paid to Give Stuff Away – Every online marketer needs a lead capture system right? How about getting paid to give one away?

Free Lead Lightning Funnel with potential inbuilt money maker > leads into full Power Lead System membership offering a Lead Capture, Email Service Provider AND Website solution for $30/mo!

This can give people a very low-cost way to EARN as they Learn Affiliate Marketing.

Udemi Solo > Lead Lightning + PLS paid + PWA




Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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