SOLO UAP Email 3

3rd email in UAP email sequence

Subject: ULTIMATE Affiliate Program – Your Questions Answered

Copy –

I’ve shown you the 2 best affiliate programs I’ve ever found…

Four Percent Success Challenge and

Partner With Anthony

Both give their affiliates a share of FRONTend, BACKend, and RECURRING sales.

This makes them very PROFITABLE to promote…

But if I where you, I’d have questions – right?

Like how much does it really cost to do this?

How long till I can earn money?

Can a beginner do this?

What’s the catch, there’s always a catch?

I’ve created a post where I’m answering questions here…

But to kick I feel like I’d like to tackle the “what’s the catch” question…

There catch with both of these programs is they don’t cut corners…

They teach how to build a solid robust long-term business, and this does take
work, effort, and investment (the training, and the tools required to
base a business on).

On the plus side …building your business on a solid foundation only has to be done
once 🙂

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In the next email I hope I’ll have some results of a test I’m running to speed this up…




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