What Former ‘All In’ Members Think Of Empower Network

Yes; I Had A Brief Spell As An Empower Network Member.

Seduced by some fantastic marketing and sales funnels.

I’ve always wanted to try an MLM (thankfully EN cured me of this).

Greed – not a nice trait to own up to but…

I never really considered people would invest their last pennies into such a venture.

But when I had an email from somebody who I signed up, calling me out on all the hype, and that she couldn’t afford for this to fail…

reality sunk in.

Empower Network could be a very dangerous business for somebody to get involved with



Reason 1 Not To Join Empower Network – It’s a massive risk.

You need to own the products in order to earn an affiliate commission which means at a minimum you have to commit to

$19 Monthly Affiliate Membership (pay to sell the products…)

$25 Monthly Viral Blogging Platform

This would represent your lowest start point ($44 per Month).

The only average spend figures I have is from training done by Shaqir Hussyin who is one of EN top affiliates. Shaqir who also runs an online advertising agency (read absolute expert on getting paid traffic) was stating that his average EN customer value was $660 dollars at the time of the training.

Meaning every person Shaqir signed up would average out spending $660. Obviusly some would spend thousands and some would get out for $25 (no refunds with EN!)

Here is Shaqir filmed at a EN convention…


The average customer value is important because it means that Shaqir can spend (and does apparently) up to $350 dollars on advertising to bring in just one sign up. Because that would still represent a $310 profit.

Lucky for Shaqir he knows what he’s doing when it comes to paid advertising… do you?

Join Empower Network and the odds are stacked against you making ANY profit.

Reason 2 Not To Join Empower Network – Morally Is This Right?

Empower Network Aug 2014 Income Statement showing under 2% of Affiliates make up to $600 per month


LESS than 3% of Empower Network Affiliates make over $500 per month!

Most make zero, nothing, zilch.

The folks you see in the video’s and on stage have some serious marketing skills.

For people without proven online or network marketing / MLM success your chances are slim…

Basically it shouldn’t need me to point out that these odds suck!

But assuming you’ve got the marketing smarts to sign people up, how do you feel knowing that less than 3% will ever make anything?…

So let’s remind ourselves of the hype the Empower Network Info-graphic below (courtesy of Visual.ly)…



In case your wondering the 100% commission claim is also BS. Because some of your sales are passed up to whoever sponsored you (provided they own the product that was sold)

Pass ups are what makes the original members of EN so much money, and helps explain why so many talented marketers and MLM leaders joined the program…

… It’s super efficient at cascading the cash up to the leaders.

As David Wood (Co Founder Empower Network) once said

MLM (multi level marketing) is about recruiting the masses to find the few.

In Empower Networks case a great deal of people contribute their cash to a very small number of ‘leaders’.

Surely we don’t need any more reasons to save our money for more worthy investments…

But if you do…


Video Review of Empower Network Former ‘All-In’ Former Member 

This is a really good review, not just a EN bashing exercise…

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