How To Find Profitable Affiliate Products to Promote on Amazon by Dan Brock


Dan Brock is a well known Amazon Super Affiliate. Here he's going to put his expert status on the line by building a successful site in front of our very eyes.

​Here's Dan's intro...


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Dan Brock's Super Affiliate Reloaded FREE Case Study


So to help us Dan is building a free case study showing us how he'd build an Amazon Affiliate niche website based on the getting better sleep marketplace.

Takeaways from this training...​

1. Dan ALWAYS picks a niche that INTERESTS him.
2. Uses Amazon to look for niche IDEA's
3. Creates potential products to promote list using Notepad
4. Looks for both low-cost and high-end products to promote

Dan's training is usually around creating smaller niche sites rather than larger 'authority' sites.

However for this case-study, Dan is building a bigger authority site by focussing on the broader 'improve sleep' niche than just concentrating on one aspect such as 'snoring'.

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