Mark Ling Interview – How Should A Beginner Start Online?

Mark Ling Interview - How to start a successful business online

Really good interview with Mark Ling renown super affiliate and founder of the Affilorama affiliate training program.

Asked how he would start a niche business from scratch…

This is an insight into the thinking of an online millionaire. Sit back enjoy and take away some potentially life changing advice…


So know you know…

  • You’ll not succeed if you come at this ‘desperate’ to make money fast.
  • Instead think that you are building a real long term business.
  • Get rich quick does NOT exist.
  • Successful people learn how to treat obstacles as challenges and opportunities to learn.
  • Successful people don’t give up or blame others.
  • Use Amazon, Google / Yahoo answers for niche ideas.
  • Dig deeper with and Googles Keyword Planner.
  • To succeed you MUST really know what your ideal visitor needs, wants, desires.
  • Research, research and more research…
  • If you can build a website that ‘matters’ to other people you’ll succeed.
  • You don’t have to know anything about a niche to start with to succeed (you’ll have to research though).
  • People don’t always want expert advice.
  • The content that you create has to be about THEM…
  • Testing is everything.

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

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