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Somebody recently replied to one of my emails asking me "what are you selling with the big speech?"

Got me thinking...

I'm selling the 'idea' that it's possible for an ordinary person (me) without ninja marketing skills or many resources (time, money) to achieve extraordinary results through AFFILIATE MARKETING.

To prove this I'm going to guinea pig up.

Test what I've discovered and believe will enable enable me to finally breakthrough.

The theory is that if what I've discovered works for me It should work for others too?

I've called the thing I discovered 'The Ultimate Affiliate Program'. It's not it's real name, it's simply what it represents to me.

So what I'm really selling is the 'idea' that an ordinary person without a lot of resources (time, money, skills) can achieve extraordinary affiliate earnings if they learn from and promote an Ultimate Affiliate Program.

What have I learned from 'my' Ultimate Affiliate Program?

To build my business around 3 components...

1. SMART Marketing
2. SCALABLE Traffic
3. An 'ULTIMATE' Affiliate Program 

Smart 'Affiliate' Marketing to give it it's full title does 3 things... 

1 It builds YOU and YOUR CLEAR MESSAGE as a unique brand in your marketplace so that you can stand apart from the affiliate crowd. 

2 It HELPS PEOPLE by answering their why, what, how, when, where, how much questions. It helps people to EVALUATE your message / business for themselves. 

3. It enables you to test and improve all key elements of your marketing so that your conversions improves over time.

Scalable Traffic

Scalable traffic isn't possible unless you have a smart marketing 'funnel' in place to test the PROFITABILITY of individual traffic sources of which there are no shortage. 

Traffic is 'scaled' by adding profitable traffic sources to your funnel or business entry point.

Keep adding profitable traffic sources till you hit your GOAL!

An ULTIMATE Affiliate Program Is Your TURBO...

For me, this is the edge I'd been looking for...

The game changer...

Because it builds  frontend, backend and recurring affiliate commissions from potentially each and every customer my business refers...


It spreads these commissions across multiple best of breed companies!

Meaning I'm not reliant on any one company product or service...

My business is not only efficient but also robust because of the 'ULTIMATE' Affiliate Offer.




As well as all this profitable marketing stuff I'm learning...

Maybe the best thing is the mindset and self development training...

I've learned if I want to achieve anything that scares or intimidates me I have to power up!

Like you would never run a marathon without training. 

TRUST in the law of nature that states humans can't dream of the impossible.

But to achieve your impossible you're going to have to train your mind as well as develop the skills and resources required.

This part of the Ultimate Affiliate Program has enabled me to clarify my goal and take actions I would never have had the courage & belief to take.

It's why I consider this training life changing.

How Have I promoted my Ultimate Affiliate Program?

To be clear the 'Ultimate' Affiliate Program isn't its real name it's just how I think of it.

I've used this as one of my key marketing messages as taught in the training.

I've built a smart marketing funnel that I'm TESTING and tracking to improve conversions over time, again as taught in the training.

I'm building an email list of people interested in creating their own passive affiliate income business (my goal).

I'm 'showing & sharing'...

Why I'm doing this - To create a business that enables my wife and I to retire and fund the travelling we would like to do.

What I'm doing - Building an online business based on Affiliate Marketing. Earning commissions through the sales I refer to best of breed products and services relevant to my goal.

The business is legit and robust because it doesn't promote any 'at risk' business models or companies and doesn't rely on any one company product or service for it's income.

How I'm doing it - Via paid advertising to a lead capture funnel to an email / blog post messaging sequence which simply shows and shares what's working for me...

All of which can be tested and improved over time.

How much it costs to setup and run - I'm sharing this through my case study blog posts.

And the RESULTS I'm getting - Shared through my case study blog posts.

Again all taught in the training.

So if you want to test the 'idea' that an ordinary person without a lot of resources (time, money, skills) can achieve extraordinary affiliate earnings if they learn from and promote an Ultimate Affiliate Program...

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Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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