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Is Wealthy Affiliate an 'ULTIMATE' Affiliate Program to promote?

This article answers the question "is Wealthy Affiliate an 'Ultimate' affiliate program. 

To succeed as an affiliate marketer it's vital to promote good proven products - right?

1. Products with a clear offer, pricing, success criteria, and money back guarantee.

2. Products that will convert your referrals into sales - yes?

3. Products that will make it worth your while investing your time & money into their promotion.

So how does Wealthy Affiliate stack up?...

Does Wealthy Affiliate have a clear offer, fair pricing, understandable success criteria and a money back guarantee?

This screenshot is taken from the top section of the WA homepage...

It's a clean home page design free from hype.

Wealthy Affiliate is offering you a free trial (unrestricted) of its Base level training services and community.

Its offering to show you how to create a successful online business by building your own website targeted towards serving a specific topic (known as a niche).

Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through the processes of niche research, keyword research, and content creation so that your site will appeal to visitors and attract free search engine traffic once it's proven its quality.

Having operated for over 12 years WA is a proven product with a high percentage of success stories...

It works for many people!

With free membership you can check out and read these informative and inspirational stories from within the community area ...it should be a part of your own research (suggestion).

What about WA pricing?

2 free websites for as long as you want to 'test' things out is to my mind fair?

If you decide to go premium you have a $19 special for the first month. If you decide to stay pricing goes up to $49 /mo thereafter.

You can cancel anytime and the average membership duration is about 5-7 months. Meaning you can budget for the cost of learning what you need for success.

If you decide to stick with this business model you should also budget for buying your own domain name (approx $15/ yr) and hosting (from about $3.50 /mo).

These additional expenses are nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate they're just the costs for owning  & hosting your own website and unique domain name.

Is it easy for people to understand what's required for success?

I would argue yes, BUT most people underestimate the required work.

You can join for free and openly talk about this in the WA community.

The trick is in niche selection, quality keyword research, and publishing quality unique content consistently...

If you follow the success posts you'll notice it takes most people a minimum of 6 months consistent work before they start seeing the shoots of success ...it's NOT EASY.

But WA don't gloss over this aspect.

They tell it as it is.

And all things considered would a part-time commitment to building a real business that suits you and could over time build to something significant be a bad thing?

Does WA offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, after the free period if you go paid you can cancel at any time and claim a refund for a months membership.

In my opinion straight forward and totally fair?

So in conclusion Wealthy Affiliate is a very good product.

Is WA a good company to promote as an Affiliate?

The WA affiliate program is available to all at no cost and pays 25% of the sales value from your referrals.

If you're a premium WA member you earn DOUBLE.

With 12 years experience WA is proven to pay affiliates on time.

WA also offers affiliates excellent free tracking tools so they can see where they're results are coming from (you need these).

As the membership is paid on either a monthly or discounted annual basis there is a nice opportunity to build a consistent recurring commission stream.

Are there any upsells, or high-ticket backend products that affiliates can earn from?

No. WA is a flat membership subscription.

There is JAAXY WA's keyword tool for power users which is another subscription service and potential earning stream.

WA claim average affiliate earnings per premium membership sold (including JAAXY referrals) is between $100 - $150. 

In conclusion WA is a very good product to promote as an affiliate...

It has a proven success track record... lots of people love WA.

It's fairly priced, with straightforward terms and free membership option and it provides a very good opportunity for affiliates.

But is it 'Ultimate' good?...

What Makes For An 
Ultimate Affiliate Program...

  • 1
    As an affiliate your reputation is EVERYTHING. Promoting products people love is both profitable and great for your rep.
  • 2
    Great products don't remain unique for long so make the most of this. Meaning before all the other affiliates jump on board figure out your best strategy and 'ride the wave'.
  • 3
    The problem with affiliate cookies is that they can be cleaned from peoples browsers. Hard coding referrals using their name and email is better. Either way getting the option to earn money for the lifetime of a referral is GREAT AFFILIATE BUSINESS. 
  • 4
    So we have the opportunity for lifetime affiliate commissions. But what is the customer journey? Where is the product leading people?... what other tools, products & services will help them? HERE'S WHERE THIS IS UNIQUE... when you have a MARKETPLACE of proven products and services addressing the broader needs of your audience it's pretty hard to fail! 
  • 5
    Say you introduce 'Bob' to this marketplace even for one of the FREE training products. Bob now starts a really enjoyable and educational journey... sure Bob never has to buy anything but when you give him a portfolio of great free training that blows his socks off and then offer him transformational 'premium' training Bob becomes a good bet to invest in himself at some point down the line (don't forget Bob is hard coded to you for life). As the referring affiliate you now have the ABILITY to earn from any of the premium marketplace products Bob may buy AS WELL AS the best of breed 'resources' that are recommended from within the training... think hosting, lead capture solutions, funnel builders, ecom platforms etc etc etc ...seeing the potential?

In conclusion I would say WA falls short of being an 'Ultimate' program because it doesn't provide any direct opportunity for multiple sources of affiliate income.

That being said I would strongly urge affiliates to consider promoting WA on the bases of it's proven ability to help people, and the low risk for people trying this business model...

Affiliate marketing is about helping people - right?

Want to see an 'Ultimate' affiliate program?




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