Ideas For My Business

I like to record my ideas using blog posts, as I find it a convenient resource.

My business is about showing and sharing what’s profitable for me so that people can learn from it/copy it.

The marketing as an affiliate of what I call an Ultimate Affiliate Program or Ecosystem

  1.  Success is 80% Mindset                   2.  Build & Promote You First               3.  Build 2 lists Email and Audience


4.  Why Affiliate Marketing                  5.  Why An Ultimate Affiliate Ecosystem  (conversion)


6.  Traffic the ONE Thing





*. Advertising fuelled Affiliate Business –
  – Simple ‘System’ YOU Idea Optin Page > Immediate Value Bridge Page > Offer Vault and ONE UAP…
  – Ongoing Case Study Follow Up
  – Value content creation
  – Profitable & Scalable
*. Create PWA Category Page
  – Review
  – Case Study – Bing PPC – Solo Add – Facebook PPC > FB Post > Optin > Immediate Value Bridge Page
  – Budget Implementation
  – Product of the product
*. Start PWA Case Study
  . Bing PPC – UAP LP – PWA
  – Udemi Solo Ads
  – FB PPC – UAP Post – PWA
*. Create Heal Lazy Case Study Post Rotator Only Traffic – Done
*. Modify WA Profile Shorten and make it about them – Done
*. Test posting more content on WA for clicks through to WAC
*. Test MLGS posting to UAP AC List – Doing
*. Is Dotcomsecrets book a UAP? Yes because it leads into Clickfunnels plus… – Ignore

Done. Create Heal Info Page              —

  – Shares the rotator
  – Links to UAP side-hustle


Show what’s working for me and others.


Educational Subject Ideas

A CLEAR GOAL and a MOTIVATING WHY. A VISION that’s bigger than you that is so big as to be unattainable. A Goal that’s clear, tangible, and measurable.

A PROVEN vehicle to take you there…Why Affiliate Marketing

The Problem With Affiliate Marketing

Traffic + Conversion = Affiliate Success

Build YOU

You NEED an Edge – Introducing The ULTIMATE Affiliate Program

  1. Works – Happy Customers – CULT Customers  2. LIFETIME Affiliate Commissions AND Multiple Streams of Income that grow steadily to form the financial foundation to support whatever you need. 3 Done for you follow up marketing to your referrals for as long as they remain interested in the topic, which earns you potentially lifetime commissions and frees you to concentrate on the ONE THING needed to make the business work …finding people that want the RESULT.

Traffic + Conversion via an Ultimate Affiliate Program = SUCCESS

MINDSET success is 80% mindset!

Daily Routine that delivers traffic to an ultimate affiliate program and therefore success.

Free traffic social syndication

Paid traffic

Custom Audiences


Preframimg – Who What, Why How Script. Reverse Squeeze

How to get _________, without ________, in a specific time.

ONE Thing. The BIG Idea, The big domino,

Each Ultimate Affiliate Program


Rebrandable content

Case study showing the GOAL, Ultimate product, traffic source, marketing system, progress and RESULTS (EVERYTHING they need to replicate)

Done For You Funnel via Clickfunnels or Power Lead System, or Copy and paste scripts.

Lead capture who what why how script.

Thank You Page Bridge while you’re waiting for the email check this out __________



Copy me and profit fast – Case Study promotion.

The SECRET To Affiliate Success …You MUST Know this…


Inspirational Subject Ideas

Testimonial post showing how others are breaking through. Find these in the Facebook groups.


Motivational Subject Ideas

Affiliate failure to success through doing ONE thing different!

I had been failing for years until I learned this one thing”


Headline Idea: “For those that want a PROFITABLE little side hustle”

Create image-based headline quote that can be used on Linkedin Facebook and Webtalk that will link to FWS squeeze page 2.

Email broadcast to all my lists linking to the FWS ‘system’ page a real value resource.


This is my personal profitable side hustle recipe…


  1. A truly GREAT product.

It has to be STICKY …meaning work for people…

So people KEEP using it…


Software is best for this.

2.  SYSTEM for showcasing the product

This has to be VALUE based. Not pushy.

It has to be PROVEN

It has to use AUTOMATION to amplify its effect.

3.  A DAILY ROUTINE for promoting the system

Must be flexible to suit different peoples resources (time & money)

Must offer FREE promotional training & PAID.

Must be doable within 1 hr per day (it is a ‘side’ hustle) schedule.









Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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