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This one could be called “how I made a million dollars LESS than last year by working way harder.”⁣

So earlier this year I decided to test the “let’s see what happens when you work 24/7” deal.⁣

We’ll call that hustle.⁣

We’ll define it like this:⁣

1. You’re doing 1000 different things at once.⁣

2. You’re using “ready, fire, aim” style planning.⁣

3. You work a LOT.⁣

4. There’s a lot of “activity” or “motion”⁣

The idea is this will make you more money. And for some, I think it does.⁣

Then there’s what we’ll call “flow”⁣

This is where you really embrace the 80/20 rule.⁣

You throw the concept of “massive action” out the window and replace it with “massive action on minimal things”.⁣

You spend a lot of time planning.⁣

You do maybe ONE or TWO things but you do them exceptionally well.⁣

Every activity has a pre-determined objective.⁣

You spend less time working and more time planning.⁣

Much like a sniper. Hours or planning lead up to a split second when the trigger is pulled. Target acquired. Target down.⁣

So here are the results of my experiment:⁣

Bottom line? ⁣

“Hustle” made me less money.⁣

Less fun.⁣

More stress.⁣

Did I say less money?⁣

Less money.⁣

I attribute it to lack of FOCUS.⁣

It’s hard to aim straight when you’re sprinting.⁣

So ...those are the test results.⁣

Instead of “hustle” try this:⁣

1. Determine a very specific objective (let’s say $XXX in revenue by Y date.)⁣

2. Look at all the assets you’ve got at your disposal to get you there.⁣

“Assets” can be defined by products, lists, sales process, funnels, etc.⁣

3. Run the numbers on those assets. How well does each funnel convert? What’s the net profit and average customer value per offer?⁣

And my all time favorite ...over the last 12 months ...what offer has made you the most money?⁣

4. Next you want to do a deep dive and get a clear picture of exactly what every piece of your business produces.⁣

5. With this knowledge - create a ONE STEP action plan to implement RIGHT NOW.⁣

6. The final step is review and repeat.⁣

If you look at these steps’s really just this:⁣

“Find out what’s working best an

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