How Does The Four Percent Challenge Work?

How Does The
Four Percent Challenge
Work For Beginners And
Experienced Marketers?

The Four Percent Challenge is the retelling of Vick Strizheus story from poor Ukrainian immigrant to super successful entrepreneur.

Done so that those interested can watch and implement the exact steps Vick took on his journey…

This time without the falls, false turns, and bad stuff.

Phase 1 – The $10,000 Challenge

As Vick says this is the hardest part of the journey…

Battling circumstances, self doubt, lack of skills to name but a few.

For all of us hoping to mirror Vicks success by following in his footsteps this will also be the hardest part…

Requiring faith commitment courage and lots of action.


This training is 100% unique in it’s approach.

Many great trainers and mentors have tried to teach these things before with most only achieving a well documented less than 4% percent success rate!

Check out this Video with Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reece if don’t believe me…

The failure is not through lack of information, strategy and tactics…

Something else is stopping us?

In my experience and opinion Vick has created a truly unique approach to packaging both TRAINING AND INSPIRATION…

Vicks Four Percent Challenge is this new thing.

So What’s The KEY Ingredient To Make The Four Percent Challenge Work For YOU?




You have to believe in Vick.

If you doubt Vick…

Think he’s only in it for YOUR money…

Don’t take the Four Percent Challenge.

Find a Mentor you do believe in.

Vick makes it easy for you to test him out…


7 day trial period of the Four Percent Challenge for $1…

Do you think this is a fair way to test what SHOULD be life changing info?

What would this be worth to you if Vick did provide you with both the skills and motivation to break through?

Would you check it out for $1?

Does The Four Percent Challenge Work For Beginners?

The short answer is ‘yes’.

And here’s the proof (taken from the Four Percent Facebook Group)…

Sarah showing her 1st Clickbank cheque

There are many of these that you can look at for yourself posted in the Facebook Group…

The question that springs to mind … is Four Percent a network marketing / MLM business?

In my opinion (not a lawyer or connected with the FTC) …NO …because

I’ve never ever seen a network marketing company that doesn’t make you buy the products in order to promote them.

You don’t have to own Four Percent Group products (including The Four Percent Challenge) in order to promote as an affiliate. Though you do have to apply and pay to become a ‘Promotional Partner’ of the Four Percent Group.

The Four Percent Challenge is all about developing YOU as an independent entrepreneur, earning money with any one of a number of proven business models…

  • Affiliate Marketing (the easiest start)
  • Product Owner / Creator
  • Service Provider (Online or Offline)
  • Consultant (any discipline)
  • Author
  • Ecommerce business
  • Retail

…It’s not about training you how to promote Four Percent.

The other question I would have as a beginner to this is…

What does it realistically cost to start a business online as a beginner the way Vick is showing me?

The Four Percent Challenge is Vick retaking his 12 plus year journey to success for our benefit. But this time Vick is using his experience to demonstrate the best route to take.

To build a sustainable business online you need a few key elements…

  1. A way to earn money – providing products or services to a market (can be yours or somebody else’s).
  2. A proven strategy for running a successful business.
  3. Tools and services to support the strategy.

I hope 1 is self explanatory.

There are however many strategies you can use to run a successful business. Vick is showing and sharing the strategy he used which is based on leveraging online technology to delivery UNIQUE to Vick VALUE to a specific market in exchange for money.

In other words Vick attracts potential customers through giving away something of value at no charge.

This builds trust in Vick and his abilities before Vick offers people that want more paid products to suit their needs.

Running this model online as compared to offline enables people to start a real business at a fraction of the cost…

However there are costs to building an online business the way Vick shows us.

You will need…

  • A system for attracting and capturing leads (people interested in your stuff)
  • A system for following up with them to provide value 

As a minimum you could start profitably with just these two elements.

Ideally though you’ll add a third element…

  • A website where you can provide even more value to people and in concert with the  other elements really build a relationship.

In the challenge Vick shares with us the tools and services he uses.

Vick has a multi-million dollar business and uses the appropriate tools and services.

Though many of these tools offer starter packages there is significant cost implementing exactly as Vick does…

This article is not about breaking these costs down.

I would suggest a monthly budget of approx $130 will get you the set-up Vick uses plus you’ll also need to put aside either money or time to attract people into your business…

It is possible to start with a more basic set-up than Vick uses even with free services (costs usually start to apply as you build your subscribers / as you add functionality).

If you want to read about specific costs and setting up on a tight budget click here…

Also consider you need to attract people into you business.

Attracting targeted people through free methods takes your time.

Attracting people through advertising costs money.

So in conclusion I would say that the Four Percent Challenge can work for beginners, but be prepared to invest in your business as it starts to grow.

Also remember what Vick is showing us is not a fast cash gimmick, this is a real long-term sustainable business model.

Does the Four Percent Challenge Work For Intermediate And Experienced Entrepreneurs?


If you’ve have some experience and know that this online thing is real.

The Four Percent Challenge is for you.

Vick’s expertise in traffic generation and systemizing online solutions is well known.

If you’re already earning over $10k per month I would suggest that you may want to hold off on joining the Four Percent Challenge until Phase 2 ($100,000 Challenge) is unlocked. But check out Internet Traffic Mastery instead as you’ll love it…

I would describe myself as intermediate.

I’ve been profitable for a few years but have struggled to scale-up.

The Challenge has provided me CLARITY and MOTIVATION to make changes to my approach…

With a few shoots of success starting to appear…

Results from Four Percent Promotional Partner competition

The above is the first leaderboard I’ve ever appeared on.

Yes, this was achieved promoting the Four Percent Challenge as an affiliate / promotional partner, but will work for any product or service I want to promote.

Imagine all the thousands of quality products on the market that we could promote…

This stuff works.

Don’t take my word for it…

Test drive the challenge for yourself for $1….

Or read a full review of the Four Percent Challenge here…


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