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The Four Percent Group...

The Four Percent Group has changed a lot since it's launch in 2016.

All for the best in my book...

Because the group and all it's products have distanced themselves from the MLM Biz Opp space.

Four Percent Group has nothing to fear from the FTC or SEC or any other regulator for that matter.

So as an affiliate longing to promote evergreen quality products that people love Four Percent is a very interesting proposition...

  • 40% commission on ALL Four Percent MARKETPLACE Products.
  • Multiple Streams of Income commissions 
  • LIFETIME COOKIES - Your Referrals Are Coded To You For Life. 
  • Affiliate Commissions Payable On ALL PRODUCTS - Front End Back End & MORE??? 
  • Integrated product cross promotion or 'Funnel Stacking'
Four Percent Affiliate Program Video
Feature list for VIP promotional partners

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The rest of this page is outdated information. All links have been removed.

Video screenshot of Vick discussing sales so far through the Four Percent Ecosystem

The image above is a screen grab from within The Four Percent Challenge which is the flagship product that charts Vicks journey from zero to $10k , $100k and $1Million in affiliate earnings.

The concept is simple... follow along at your own pace copying what Vick does but with your own 'personality' and you'll succeed...

It's engaging and addictive (I'm hooked lol).

So as Vick sets up his business with domain name, hosting, lead capture, email marketing, website etc so do many people following the training.

NOTE: You don't have to buy any of these tools and services if you already have them or you don't want to. 

And the screen grab above proves how effective this is. The numbers on the bottom right of the whiteboard show $57,810 in one time payment affiliate commissions and $10,098 in monthly recurring commissions. And this is taken from a segment of 330 customers as they progress through sessions 5 - 9 of the Four Percent Success Challenge where most of the business set up takes place.

These figures are testament to the quality of Vick's leadership. Vick inspires people to grow themselves as marketers and people and this is reflected in the trust they show in his recommendations.

So, still want to promote Four Percent Group?

Here are the steps...

STEP 1: To join Four Percent Group click here, then click on the 'Join' tab on the top right header navigation add your name and email and you're done ...yay 🙂

(STEP 2: Optional) Go to the Four Percent Multiple Streams of Income Page and apply / fill in your affiliate ID's if you meet the criteria boldened above.

STEP 3: Pick a Four Percent Group Product or piece of content to promote.


Those Steps Again With A Little More Detail...

STEP 1Click here to go to the Four Percent home page and click on the red  'JOIN' tab on the right of the header nav bar.

Clicking the 'Join' tab shown on the above image far right will open a pop-up screen shown right where you add your name and email details.

You've now got yourself free membership of The Four Percent Group which is marketplace designed especially to serve business owners and entrepreneurs.

So as well as free access to the growing number of excellent training materials (many free) and a fantastic entertainment series (all free).

After sign up you'll be taken to the Four Percent Back Office Dashboard where the journey begins.

See the image below which shows the Four Percent Back office...

STEP 2: Was to fill in those Multiple Stream of Income details found after clicking on the 'Partner Center' dropdown menu bottom off the left hand navigation

So as you can hopefully see at the bottom of the Partner Center options is one labelled 'MSI Ecosys'.

Clicking this will open the MSI page where you can both apply to any of the affiliate programs your not approved for and VERY IMPORTANTLY add in your unique affiliate ID's to the ones you are.

Most of the MSI programs are free to join with a couple of exceptions (Leadpages and I've forgotten the other one ...sorry).

These companies have different review processes. Some simple others requiring some jumping through hoops. 

The critical programs to join in my opinion are Bluehost and Namecheap, Clickfunnels. Clickmagick, ConvertKit and Aweber.

All of these are free and straight forward to join when I did it.

You can see in the screengrab I did of my MSI page my unique affiliate ID's pasted into the form. Obviously don't copy mine 🙂

With your MSI's filled in your ready to pick something to promote.

STEP 3: As a promotional partner you can pick any of the products from the 'Marketplace',  specific product sales funnels, and any other pages on the Four Percent website you think your prospect may be interested in.

Ok let's show an example of each...

The obvious ones are the specific product sales funnels. A sales funnel is a conversion optimised process that turns prospects into customers.

In the image above you can see 'Links & Funnels' this is where the sales funnels live. Looks like...

Currently there are two funnels, the Four Percent Success Challenge (for affiliates) and Internet Traffic Mastery. As a Partner you can promote both or whichever you prefer. Let's assume for this example you decide to promote the Challenge.

You would click on the Green Access button below the image to be taken to...

The Four Percent Challenge funnel page.

This exposes three option tabs

  • Clickfunnels Opt-in Share Links
  • Promo Links
  • Promo tools

Firstly the Clickfunnels Opt-in Share Links.  This is for Promotional Partners that have Clickfunnels accounts. It basically allows you to copy the exact pages Vick builds within the Challenge.

Personally I have Thrive Architect which allows me to replicate the functionality of Clickfunnels. Any good WordPress page builder should give you the option to build the simple landing pages used here. 

The second option is the one we want ...the 'Promo Links' tab. This is your unique affiliate link to be used to promote the Four Percent Success Challenge (again the pictured is mine so don't use that).

The third option is the 'Promo Tools' tab which drops down to show...

So you have a collection of banners, email swipes and Video ads that you can use to help in your promotion of the Four Percent Success Challenge.

So let's now look at promoting a product from the Four Percent Group Marketplace...

Promoting A Product From
The Four Percent Group Marketplace

STEP 1: To join Four Percent Group click here, then click on the 'Join' tab on the top right header navigation add your name and email and you're done ...yay 🙂

STEP 2: Go to the Four Percent Multiple Streams of Income Page and apply / fill in your affiliate ID's 

STEP 3: Pick a Four Percent Group Product From the Marketplace


And Now With Detail...

Presuming you've already signed up as a Free Four Percent Member and therefore have permission to promote as a partner.

Ensure you've also completed adding your MSI affiliate links.

Now choose a product to promote from the Four Percent Marketplace.

From the Four Percent back office Dashboard click on the 'Programs' tag in the left Navigation.

Then choose the category of products you wish.

In the example shown below I've selected the 'All Programs' Tab. It looks like this...

You can scroll through all the different programs you may want to promote both Free and Paid.

Once you've selected the product you wish to promote click on the link icon (circled in the image above) to expose your affiliate link.

So once again you can promote promote promote.

If you're wondering how can I profit as a affiliate by promoting free Four Percent Products and training?

The answer is that to access the free content people have to join Four Percent as free members.

If you referred them you will earn commissions from any Four Percent products they may buy at any point going forward.

And because the free content is so good it's likely that a good percentage of people will upgrade to premium so earning you a commission.

Finally let's look at how you can promote any page on the Four Percent website....

Promoting 'Any' Page On The Four Percent Website

The Four Percent Website has so much free awesome content that partners can promote.

Most of the training / entertainment is under the 'Shows' tab in the left hand navigation...

Four Percent Entrepreneur, Coaching With Vick and The Journey offer affiliates so much top quality content to promote.

What we have to do is create our own affiliate links...

To do this we have to get our unique affiliate ID which we'll add to the content url to create our affiliate link.

So to get your unique affiliate ID go to 'Links & Funnels' and grab an affiliate link for one of the core Four Percent Products.

In the example below I've grabbed my affiliate link from Internet Traffic Mastery...

I hope you can see the underlined number 150762 that's MY unique affiliate ID.

So let's take this and construct my own affiliate link to promote.

For example 'The Four Percent Entrepreneur Show'. If you haven't seen any of these you're in for a treat ...they're really great content.

So navigate to the Four Percent Entrepreneur Show menu page (dashboard> shows>  four percent entrepreneur)

As shown below...

Copy the page URL shown arrowed and paste it in Notepad.

It'll look exactly like this

We now have to add our unique affiliate ID to the end in this format /?ref=150762

So my affiliate link to promote the Entrepreneur Show is...


So now you know how you can get affiliate links to promote any of the Four Percent Group pages, products and shows.

Also there are no costs associated with this.

The challenge now becomes how do I promote / advertise / drive traffic through my affiliate link(s)?

If you know how to market you're golden.

If not here's my suggestion.

Tony Robbins always advises that success is simply a case of finding an appropriate mentor and doing what they tell you. Because most things have already been done before there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

So when it comes to systems for training affiliate marketing there are two I've used successfully.

Wealthy Affiliate, a website based search engine optimization approach and Vick Strizheus Four Percent Challenge.

And I'm sure there are many others, but these are the ones that have provided me what I've needed, step by step training, and a consistent diet of motivation to help power me through the challenges that occur.

You can check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here...


You can check out my review of The Four Percent Success Challenge here...

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Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest... If you have any questions I'm always happy to help :)

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